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  1. Ohhh this is a norwegian "recipe" for white chocolate milk!!! I'm so obsessed with white chocolate, so finding out that it was possible to make white chocolate milk made me crazy and also made me send this link to all of my fellow white chocolate fans
  2. First of all, don't worry - everything will be alright. I was in your position last year, and what I did is that I started to read the books for some of the subjects. We have a school library where we get the textbooks for all subjects, but we couldn't take the books with us over the summer, so I had to find them online. So throughout the entire summer I studied the books little by little (I personally focused on biology more than anything else). I took notes, watched youtube lessons about things I didn't understand, made flashcards etc. You obviously don't have to read all of the books before you start school, but going through at least some chapters in some of the subjects in such a stress-free time as the summer vacation will help you a GREAT deal. Also, since you have a lot of time on your hands now, I'd recommend you to try out new techniques for studying. You might have some techniques that have worked very well for you in the past, but since you have a lot of time now, I suggest you try something new and see how that works for you. Maybe you could find an amazing technique that will allow you to ace every single test in the future? That's what happened to me, but it can take some time to figure out. So use the time you have right now and not when you're in the middle of the IB! Looking around on the internet, or maybe on some of these studyblr blogs on tumblr, will give you many good suggestions Another smart thing to do would be to look through subject guides for all of your subjects. See what kind of assessments you will have to complete, what are the criteria, read some samples from other students, and maybe also ask the IB teachers/students in your school when all of these things will happen? This will help you mentally prepare and to envision all of the things in front of you and help you make a plan. For example, if you know when your school is starting to work with the extended essay, you can start thinking about your subject choices/potential areas of research very early on and therefore be 100% prepared. I started thinking about it in the summer and pretty much had everything figured out. Some of the people I know however, did not, and were quite stressed. If you do all of these things and continue to work well throughout the year, I guarantee you that at least the first year will be a breeze for you. But most importantly, rest well and enjoy your summer vacation! Good luck ☀️?
  3. Hey! I am considering studying medicine as well, and my subject choices are HL chem & bio and SL psychology, which seems to be a good choice for most universities that I am thinking of applying to. Most unis in the UK require HL chemistry + either HL biology or physics for medicine, all other subjects are pretty much up to you (however I am not sure about the English B one, perhaps you could search around or email specific universities to see if they have anything against this). I am not thinking of applying for psychology, but all of my friends are, and they take SL biology & psychology (and no chemistry). BUT what you should choose depends on the psychology course. One awards you a Bachelor of Arts degree while another awards you a Bachelor of Science degree. If you consider applying for the latter (science), then I think you should at least have 2 HL sciences. But gahhh, don't trust me on this because I've researched this very briefly and cannot say anything for sure :(( But, from all of this I would say: definitely choose biology HL. If you want to get into medicine, choose chemistry HL as well, if you only have one of them in HL, it will limit your university choices considerably. I think I read somewhere that psychology as a subject is not even a requirement for most psychology courses, so I think that psychology SL would be more than enough. But as I said, you should not trust me on this and rather do your own research. Or even better, contact the universities directly and ask if your subject choices are alright. Good luck! :') summary: HL biology and chemistry + SL psychology seems like an okay choice for both medicine and psychology
  4. Hey, I was confused about the same thing before ahah. Basically - I think that it all depends on your CAS coordinator. I think that our coordinator would allow a group of 2 people, but yours might not? I have tried finding information about this on the internet but I have been unsuccessful so far Yes, I think so, but again it depends on your coordinator I think. Me and my buddies asked if we could run a blog and the coordinator seemed okay with that, but he said that we should rather make a youtube channel with videos about that sort of stuff instead of running a blog. We have decided to ditch that idea for now, and signed up to arrange the graduation day for the senior IB class instead Here it doesn't seem as there is a maximum amount of people that can participate. Our coordinator basically urged as many people in our class as possible to help with arranging the graduation, and our class is around 40+ people. So yeah, maybe talk with your coordinator to get the requirements that you need to complete the project? Because in the end, it is he/she who decides whether your CAS project is valid or not.
  5. Here in Norway, all public schools are free for everyone. However for the IB, we have to pay the exam fee (or whatever that is, I never actually checked what the money is used for), which is NOK 5 000 per semester, so 5 000 * 4 = NOK 20 000 after 2 years, which is around 2360 dollars. My mother is paying for it and we both agree that it is a reasonable sum. And how people get into the IB depends I guess :0 If you go to school in Norway, they accept you into the program based on the grades you got in tenth grade. The following info is perhaps specific to my school only: the IB here has limited spaces, but I think that the lowest points to get in was like 4.5 out 6.0, which is relatively easy (here in Norway, 6 is the maximum and they take the average of all the grades you got in all your subjects). But what's funny is that if you finished the MYP programme, or you apply to the school from another country, they don't seem require grades at all and accept you anyways (as long as they have proof that you know English and can handle math). But idk, it seems like IB is not that popular in Norway (at least in my city). Maybe because there's a rumour that it's a program for geniuses only/it's much harder than the normal norwegian program (which is not true) - so the competition is not as big.
  6. Wow, thank you so much for replying! It made me feel much more reassured :') Thankfully, our school has a visual arts teacher who might be up for being an EE supervisor, so at least I will have someone who can help me out I guess. It's amazing what you did without a supervisor though, it makes me feel much more sure about going through with this. I will follow your advice and read read read, thanks again for writing all of this!
  7. In my school, the general consensus is that biology SL/HL is the easiest science - we even have 2 people who have changed from physics to biology very recently. But like people say, it depends on what you're passionate in. Some people who take physics in our school are physics geniuses and would probably get like 4-5 in biology because they hate it with a burning passion hehe I think chemistry is somewhere in between, as it requires MUCH more studying time than biology does (for me). I also take Norwegian B and honestly, all B languages feel like paradise if you are somewhat fluent. I am Russian, but I've been living here for 7-8 years and this is one of my "favourite" subjects as we do very little in class and there is 0 stress. Psychology SL seems pretty neat as well so far, as long as you are okay with writing essays and memorising. You basically know all your exam questions (they're more or less the learning outcomes that you find in your textbook) so if you have the time and the brain power to create essays for at least some of them and memorise them - then you're probably set.
  8. Hi! So as my title says, I am planning on writing an EE in visual arts, but there is a problem - I have not taken visual arts in the IB. I have been in love with art for as long as I can remember, my entire room is filled with prints and paintings from various artists and I frequently make art in my spare time. So yeah, I'm a giant art nerd. However, I am not that familiar with all the art theory (colours, lines, lightning, all the stuff I heard my VA friends talk about), and I wonder if that would be a huge disadvantage? Also, does the new change for the extended essay somehow affect how easy/hard it will be for me? (Because our teacher explained that now, there is more emphasis on the whole writing process and your enthusiasm, rather than the actual subject-specific content of your EE) I've only got to know that I could choose VA as a subject for my EE today, as we had our first "EE workshop" today, and I've been dying of excitement ever since. I feel like this is the perfect subject for me, as this is one of the things in life that I am truly enthusiastic about. I also already have some specific areas of study/preliminary research questions in mind, something I did not have for my other subject choices. So yeah, I have until Monday next week to make a final descision. Do you think I should go for it and maybe self study art theory on the internet, or is this whole idea stupid? My other EE choices were 1. English LAL and 2. Biology - but even though I love these subjects as well, I am in no way as excited about these two as I am excited about art :'(
  9. Medicine ?
  10. Thank you so much for the reply! I feel much better about this now :'))
  11. Gahhh, I've taken an interest in applying to Irish universities in 2018, and then I see this (I attached the screenshot of the entry requirements page at one of the unis above). What do you guys think? I'm super stressed as it is, and honestly, I am so afraid. Do you think that the change will be positive or negative? With positive, I mean lowering the requirements and making it easier for IB students? I have absolutely no idea what to expect and I keep thinking about it every single day, which makes me incredibly stressed :(( Also, sorry in advance if this is in a wrong section or anything, I have never posted before so I'm a bit unsure about this whole forum!