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  1. How precisely did you connect them to Destiny? I do not know how to connect as of these works to Destiny (I have read Miller´s Crucible and Atwood´s Handmaid´s Tale). I essentially only wrote about symbolism.
  2. Which works did you have? I had Macbeth and Things Fall Apart and Pride & Prejudice.
  3. Which question did you pick, if I may ask? Why do you hate it?
  4. Phew. Good. That means that I did not make a fool out of myself. Do you think also count imagery, such as the imagery of a wild beast, as a non-human element as well.
  5. Now when more than 24 hours has passed after the Paper 2 exam in English A Langauge & Liteature, does anyone know what IB meant with the fifth Paper 2 question that stated the following: "Discuss the role of non-human elements in literature in at least two works you have studied". With non-human element, does IB mean concrete objects, such as a stove, an animal, a tape-recorder etc? Thank you in advance for the answer!
  6. Could someone explain how to calculate median percentages of raw data?
  7. Topic 9 Oxidation & reduction.pdf
  8. Topic 6 Kinetics.pdf
  9. Topic 9 Oxidation & reduction.pdf View File Topic 9 Oxidation & reduction.pdf Submitter timmy Lily Submitted 08/28/2016 Category Chemistry  
  10. Topic 6 Kinetics.pdf View File Topic 6 Kinetics.pdf Submitter timmy Lily Submitted 08/28/2016 Category Chemistry  
  11. Topic 5 Energetics.pdf View File Topic 5 Energetics.pdf Submitter timmy Lily Submitted 08/28/2016 Category Chemistry  
  12. Topic 5 Energetics.pdf
  13. Topic_4_Bonding.pdf
  14. Topic 4 Bonding.pdf View File Topic_4_Bonding.pdf Submitter timmy Lily Submitted 08/28/2016 Category Chemistry  

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