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  1. Hi guys! I'm going into the IBDP program this coming fall and my current subject choices are as follows: English Literature HL Chinese B SL Psychology HL Biology HL Math Studies SL Chemistry SL I've been told many times about the futility of taking math studies if I am going in a "sciency" direction, but I really want to major in psychology, and the University of Melbourne is currently a top choice, and math isn't my best subject. The bachelor of arts doesn't require any math prerequisites and has psychology, but considering the nature of my IB subject choices, a bachelor of science would be more suited for me? However the issue is that the course requires at least a 4 in math SL or HL. Taking SL is not impossible for me, but obviously I wouldn't be able to do exceptionally well. I was wondering if there's the chance that I could still be admitted with math studies, especially if I'm not planning to specialise in any course involving very complex maths such as physics or chemistry. Or the possibility of completing some kind of class before university to satisfy the math requirement? Or should I take SL? How about the other GO8 universities for psychology? Does anyone with experience of applying to Australian universities know? Thank you!