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  1. I would like to ask you guys about my extended essay topic, and honestly, tell me if it's fine. Can we successfully genetically engineer E.coli bacteria to fix nitrogen?. As the title suggests, I would chemically engineer e.coli bacteria to go through the process of natural nitrogen fixation. Concerning tools, I got in contact with a university nearby and they agreed to help. Am sorry if this sounds like it was written in a hurry because... well.. it was.
  2. extended essay

    Thanks for the feedback! So ... Can I ask you what you think would be a good topic that will involve the use of acid base titration? How do you think I can twist that to a biology extended essay
  3. Heey guys, I have am kinda stuck with my extended essay, I mean I kinda figured out a title: "Determining the acidity level of (insert fruit) and determining which is safer for (insert illness) patients?
  4. There is IB.... and everything else.
  5. SEK Qatar