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  1. Hi but the deadline is January 15 i believe, should i apply without sending the grades until jan-march? it says on the website Since we’ll be making admission decisions in the spring before your final IB results are available, we’ll be asking you to arrange for your IB Anticipated Grades to be sent from your school to UBC prior to March 15. We will also require your official final IB results so it is important that you provide the IB Organization with your consent to release your results to UBC once they are available. Do this right away after you’ve applied to UBC so you don’t forget. Your IB Diploma Coordinator can assist you with these steps. Please note: If you are a B.C. student following the IBDP, you do not need to fill out the “IB Anticipated Grades” form. Your grades will be relayed to the Admissions Office directly from your student’s IB coordinator.
  2. So due to unfortunate circumstances in physics HL I'm stuck with a predicted 3, my Chemistry Hl predicted is 5 and math SL is 4 problem is I wanna do engineering but my physics grades need improving i want to apply to York,Ubc,Ottawa,ryerson and western Ontario (anymore suggestions would be helpful) my predicted Total IB points is 29 at the moment what should I do
  3. Hi so my predicted 29 IB pointsmy IB grades atm areEnglish SL (5)Math Sl (4)Arabic SL (5)chemistry Hl (5)physics HL (3)Business HL (5)including 2 points from Tok/EEThe deadline is january 15 and i am panicking because my predicted grades are low (especially physics) which i will surely improve in the future but as of now im really worried about my current predicted, how can i apply through UCAS with these... any suggestions?
  4. and should i add this derivation to show how we got the formula for exponential growth?
  5. i talked to the teacher and he said to stick with one model, do i talk about the limitations of an exponential model and r^2 value and r and the growth rate being 1.98%...etc
  6. my math IA is about whether or not an exponential model is an ideal model to predict the future population of india however im not sure what are the key points that i should talk about in my math IA thanks
  7. hi so i am currently predicted 29 ib points with TOK/EE my HLs grades are Business (5) Chemistry (5) and physics (3) my SLs are french (5), math (4) and English (5) i would like to know if any good Canadian unis would accept Business or Engineering? my main problem is the physics Hl grade
  8. ahmed

    physics IA problem

    hi so my physics IA is about projectile motion ( investigating the effect of angle of projectile on the range of water projectiles) i will be first calculating the velocity of the water hose through the formula Q=AV and then i will launch a projectile with varying angles (15,30,45,60,75) with the same velocity that i have calculated and talk about how they influence shapes of water fountains etc.... with the influence of air resistance and graphing it and talking about why the angle 45 is the optimum angle for furthest range i asked my teacher and he said it was fine however i feel as it is too simple... if it is, what should i change to make it more complex
  9. hi for my chem IA i am doing "the effect of salt on rate of which ice melts" and my personal engagement is my interest and curiosity about why in colder countries, the distribute salt on icy road, so the story is i have asked the teacher about this idea and she said it was an "ok" experiment which i plan on changing the concentration of NaCl on different solutions and measure the rate of which the ice melts every 30 seconds for up to a minute. the topics i would be covering would include stoichiometry, intermolecular forces and how NaCl disrupts the equilibrium...etc prior to the choosing of this experiment i have given her many ideas however she said "no because they where taken or someone else has that idea" so this idea came to my mind and i was surprised she said ok however i feel as if the idea is a bit straight forward, do you think this idea is too easy or is it fine and i should continue? ...because really its frustrating that every idea i come up with seems to be "taken"
  10. ahmed

    Math IA help

    hi so iv been working on my math IA about studying and extrapolating the increase in population of canada and predicting the population in 2020 given the current data canada.xlsx right now i have graphed the function and the equation with R^2 value but im not sure what the equation means i have attached the file... any idea what to do
  11. ahmed

    physics IA idea

    hi my idea is on projectile motion and measuring how the angle of projection affects the range through derivation while also explaining how it creates a parabolic shape based on the angle also, this comes from the idea of how water fountain projectiles work and ill be doing it in the garden. is this idea good enough
  12. hi so as of now, i have began my english EE analyzing "The New Jim Crow" however i have realized that it is more informational/history based rather than using language to convey a purpose, do you guys suggest that i change the book to "The life of Pi" instead as it carries more language,symbolism ..etc furthermore does the research question " to what extent does symbolism and motifs portray the importance of religion within the book?" a good question please any suggestions cause i am really stressed and struggling with this :/
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