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  1. Yeap you're right. I'm doing it for my bio IA, I wrote it wrong. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I've been working on my bio IA lately and I need two ways in which I can grow two different species of mold. For the first one I thought about the typical experiment you do as a child to grow mold in a peace of bread you leave somewhere moist and after some days it starts getting greener and greener. But I cannot think of, neither find, any other species of mold that I could grow easily. Any ideas???
  3. I'll keep in touch and tell you what Im up to when I start working working on it in depth on it as i go back to school. I also had the idea of working with statistics ; Using the highest and lowest hits, or maybe I could do statistics with different ranges of heights, or of distances. Like the amount of balls that go between 5-10 cm over the net, between 10-20cm over the net... Or the balls that go in distance between 0-50 cm from the net, from 50 cm to 1m from the net... What do you think?? How'd you make it work. I thought of recording a game just for 15 mins or so, and doing the statistics and all of the calculus with that data.
  4. Thank you very much ! I really appreciate your help, it was very usefull !
  5. Hi guys! I wanted to ask for any suggestions of things I could add to my math IA. Im gonna do it about the mathematics in tennis and I've already got a few ideas but as we all know that in IB they love when we add things that are considered of a higher level, I'd wanted to ask you for any suggestions you could have that could make me expand a little bit my IA and make it more interesting and appealing. For example I thought about finding the equation of the parabola with matrixes, which we dont study in IB. So any ideas please answer this post! Thanks very much!! Claudia
  6. cvillau

    BIO IA

    Okay thanks! It's a good idea and like that I assure that it mixes completely!
  7. cvillau

    BIO IA

    Hi guys! I've been working lately on my bio IA and i've got a question about the procedure. I have to mix glucose with different mold samples and I was wondering what technique should i use to do it. I just thought on mixing it directly in a petri dish, do you think that'd work? Or should I do it otherwise? Thank you very much!
  8. Hi! I came across your question and I just wanted to tell you that it is a really easy topic for a HL Biology Student. It's something you study when you talk about biomolecules, proteins and enzymes and something that doesn't have much exploration to do, because you already know what is going to happen: the the third structure of the protein is going to breakdown as you rise the temperature because the protein will denature.
  9. Okay, great! Thank you very much! One other question , if you are not a VIP member you cannot even view the documents people upload?? Cause i know that to download these files you need to be a VIP, but I didn't know if for viewing them you had to be one. Thanks again
  10. Hey @kw0573 did you or any of your classmates end up doing this lab?? I'd been thinking in something similar related to the iodine in different edible oils but i hadn't thought in linking the value of the iodine to its nutritional value, and I find it a great idea!! Could you please reply me as soon as you can so that I can continue working on my IA and expand it with the idea of the nutritional value?? Thank you very much, Claudia
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