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  1. Hi guys, I sent of my ESS exam for a remark as I am on the boundary for the next grade, and I was wondering if anyone has had success with remarks in the past? Thank you
  2. Hi! I know exactly what you are going through because I'm exactly in the same boat as you. I am on the boundary for a 3 in ESS and also on the boundary of my diploma (23). I sent off my ESS exam for a remark, although I currently don't have high hopes for a higher grade, I still believe it is worth applying for a regrade if you aren't far off the next grade, like in your case. Let me know when you get your remark back and let's hope we can finally pass IB!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that I have not heard anything back yet! But how did you hear/ find out if you don't mind me asking? Let's hope the other subjects you submitted will go up a grade
  4. Hey there! I requested to get my EE in French B to be remarked as I am one point away from the next grade boundarie (miss one point to obtain a B). I requested mine to be sent off on the 8th so I'm hoping to receive my results soon. When did you send yours off? keep us updated once you hear something back