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  1. Hello everyone I wanted to ask those who have finished the Diploma a question with this throwaway account, because from what I understand this isn't received very well by some... My exams are this November session and just over the recent break I've found myself losing motivation to continue with my study regime; and doing the appropriate amount of work each day. I'm not exactly sure whats happened, but I think I've "burnt the candle for too long" over the last year and a bit. I'm struggling to do a decent amount of study, and I'm just not as invested as I originally was in IB1. If anyone in the May lot of exams this year, or any ex-IB students could help me out here, that would be really appreciated. How did you keep the motivation and discipline up in the last stretch of the IB? Or did anyone else go through something similar, and if so; what did you do to keep going with a sustained effort? Any response would be great, thank-you.
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