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  1. @Djsporting Thank you so much!! your advice really does help me!!! I actually feel a lot better knowing that there was someone like me who suffered at the beginning but has now achieved a 7!!! Well done and you are well deserved - congratulations!! Also I definitely agree with your saying that practice is the fundamental aspect of everything. That is really true. I'm more than ready to go through all the past papers as well as the revision guide book though those will make my life tough haha I'm definitely going to purchase the Paul Hoang's revision guide book as I have the textbook written by him already. But I wonder where I could get those past papers you have mentioned. I've searched up for some but they were all requiring for payments so... Anyways I'm still amazed by how you managed to get a 7 in the actual test and I really feel hopeful-congratulations again!!! Every part of your advice really gives me hope and is really helpful. Thank you so much and again THANK YOU!! + I even copied your advice down on my word document haha I will definitely PM you for some resources Cheers
  2. A huge thanks again!! I really appreciate it. I guess we are starting our IA straight after the holidays as my teacher told us to think about it. Anyways cheers!!
  3. Also I totally agree with what you have said here. @Sandwich you could do a lot better than this as an administrator. I do appreciate for your explanation on my complaint. However, as an administrator (whom i believe has a certain goal to help IB students with what they long for), you could have just at least wrote a sentence of advice for me. An explanation on my complaint is something that I should definitely appreciate but that wasn't really what I was expecting for. Even a simple sentence of advice would have been a big help for me-which you didn't even bother to. Also your explanation came off quite cold and unhelpful to me as well. One more emphasis on "you could have done better than this really as an administrator". Just one more thing I'd like to talk to you. You said 'this site would not exist without VIP subscribers'. Of course I know that this website doesn't work without VIPs as I, at least have some ideas of how things work. However, what i want to say is that I'm not happy with the contents and the access you guys have blocked from other normal users. The notes are really important and greatly desired for some users and blocking those resources were definitely a wrong decision you guys have made-in my opinion. There are lots of other things you can give privilege from, just for VIP members. Anyways this was just my opinion. One more big thanks to IB'ez!!
  4. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your advice. I should definitely approach my B&M teacher for some more advice and probably for other additional text books that could help. Also, as you have said, changing my revision strategies would be the first thing I should do right now Hope you have achieved satisfying result for economics at the end (If you finished ur IB diploma). Anyways thank you so much!! It definitely helped me a lot.
  5. Can anyone PLEASE give me some good tips for how to study(revise) Business and management? I really regret that I chose to do B&M but semester 1 has already passed and there's no way I can change my subject at this stage. So I know that though B&M is not my type, I really have to get into it and try really hard to get at least 5 or 6 at the end (To raise my overall grade as high as I can). The problem is that the textbook is so huge and I have no idea where to start and how I should revise since I couldn't actually concentrate during class time. Whenever I open the book trying to revise, my brain just goes totally blank by the amount of text and facts laid in front of me. B&M is so much stress for me right now. My overall grade for semester 1 has gone so much down because of this subject. Also I have spent almost entire 3 weeks holiday with this B&M textbook trying to catch up, but now I feel like I haven't gained anything like I still have the same knowledge as I did before the holidays started (I have only 4 days left till school now). This is REALLY driving me crazy. I really need to get back on track before it gets too late. I'm really desperate. I really long for some good tips and advice. I'm also thinking of buying revision book so please recommend me some good revision books. It would be great to find out some useful websites to revise as well. So please feel free to give me some tips such as how you guys revised B&M or how you guys received good results for B&M. Just ANYTHING useful about B&M would be appreciated. Will be waiting for some good answers!! THANK YOU!! (I take SL) -I found out that B&M revision notes uploaded by other users, are only open to VIP members of this website , which I think is very unfair since I thought this 'IB SURVIVAL' website was for all the students who need help with their study regardless of how much they have been using this website.
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