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  1. I am doing my Math studies IA on the relationship between two variables and I have a moderate positive correlation, but after I did my chi-square test my chi-square value was smaller than my critical value, where I have to reject the alternative hypothesis which concludes that the variables are independent of each other. Is this possible or am I wrong?
  2. The thing is that I really hate natural sciences and kinda suck at it too :3 Could you suggest any other subject combinations ?
  3. Hi I'm going to start my IBDP in a week and I need help with my subject selection. These are my chosen subjects as of now : English language and literature HL Spanish AB initio Math SL Economics HL Business management HL Design technology SL I really want to get into the field of Marketing. I'm aiming for universities in London.so I would like to know if the subjects I've chosen as of now will do for marketing related courses.

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