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  1. Hey, Sorry but weren't you applying to do Film? Was this an initial plan you had and then changed to film or am I confusing you with someone else ? I am applying to the UK as well, even though not really in the know of the area of sciences, I was to apply for westminster, but they are better at the sciences area generally. They have a good research and investigation lab and for Biomedical Sciences it seems good, a few of my schoolmates who wanted to pursue the same degree were planning to go there. Other institution I d recommend for that area is Univ of Durham and Warwick. As to the other one, hadn't heard of it and wasn't at the 50 top best the last time I checked the ranking, so... If you need any more help with the universities, dont hesitate! Richard
  2. Guys, I was practicing the answer to the classical question of the causes that led to the outbreak of WW1 (examine the role of colonialism rivalry that led to the outbreak of WW1), and lacked some specific examples of historians from each current (revisionist, marxist, and those who blame the politicians and ministers for incompetence). The historiography only includes historians, right? We cannot include, for example, Lenin or Lloyd George? My teacher didn't really develop this and I am essentially for the first time looking at this to answer questions in History. Could you help me out in explaining how I can use historiography to achieve top marks in my essays, and give me specific details of historians who defend revisionism, marxism (communism), the blame to politicians and many other currents you find important to develop? Grateful, Richard
  3. I see the anger within your spirit. I also see it will have to hold it and gasp for 1 more year and a half of IB Diploma. Thank god I have chosen humanities-oriented subject and am applying to Literature and Creative Writing. In the beginning, actually, I was inclined to choose Chemistry as my science subject, as it is perceived as a "strong" subject that universities value, but as I aspired to go for a creative degree like literature or arts, I realized what would value my curriculum would be how my creative sensibility and expression. Really dont know how you take it... is it higher level? Finishing the IB in almost 2 months! Cheers, Richard
  4. Holly cow, its actually "stress-dissolving" seeing such a loose question, in the middle of desperate, screaming, urging queries about the exams. My preferences are "vacation-destined", which means visiting the universities does not count. Albeit idyllic, specially number 1, which may not be doable at least for now: 1- California and Nevada (Las Vegas); feeling the frenetic atmosphere of ambition and gambling and new histories being created as well as unique moments with friends: I mean what could be best for a newly-18 year old guy who has just come out of the IB? 2- A more realist one would be Andaluzia in Spain, for me and some friends are planning incur, around June, in some kind of finalists trip we never had because of the IB Exams in a cool, near to the beach and festive place in Spain. The flights and the stay are cheap, so it is more possible than going to the US. 3- Maybe Canada/Australia. Intrigued by the culture of both. These would be destinations that would clearly contrast with what I usually face, or used to face, so I guess what I really need now is different stuff.
  5. Hey, I am not in the know of the area of Graphic Design, but it might depend on what institution you are applying for. I know a guy who is studying in Greenwich (UK) and had Math. Studies, so I would probably take my chances and say maths isn't really the crux of the course, instead your creativity and visual sensibility. Are you taking Visual Arts? Higher Level? It would be good as it is specific for that area, but if you are not dont worry it wont matter much. Try to show yourself different and imaginative, really. The way you are able to present yourself to universities is the most important criterion. Cheers! Richard
  6. Pal, you cannot mention business schools without talking about IE Business School, in Segovia (Spain). Seriously, one of the 10 best business schools in the world. Check their website, you will see how illustrious it is. Besides one of the best, innovative teaching methods, they have partnerships with some great firms and universities in the world and you can even do dual degrees such as business and law, international relations, politics, etc. If you want, prestige + good teaching + good environment, this is it. There is no due date for applications, unlike the uk and most univ, so dont worry with that. The application will take you long because it includes lots of essays and answers, but you will see it is worth it (also, you will have to do an admission test, which isn't such a big deal). t is quite expensive tuition fees, but try to check the scholarships! Hope I helped, Richard
  7. If you look at mine, they are not so different. I also attend ESS, Economics and English B. I also thought about switching for weaker and more appealing subjects such as Bio or Chem instead of ESS, but it also depends upon your ambitions. From what I can see on your IB curriculum, you are not a natural sciences aspirant, right? Don't worry, ESS, instead of puny and kinda irrelevant, gives you enough bases as a scientific subject. What I would switch would be Geography, thats like ESS or even worse, for History. But obviously that depends on your interests and if you feel like Geography can give you top marks, then keep it, because History, and moreover HL, is a very rigorous subject, not that it is very hard, but it is an extensive subject and less padronised, which makes it less granted that you ll get top marks (in my case, i am striving for the 6 HL, obv I am also aiming the 7 but if you look at the percentage of 7s taken in HL it doesn't even reach 7. A few of my friends who take Chem and History say Chem can be considered to be harder, but still easier to get a 7 than history. This means it is easier in history to have medium-high grades like 4, 5s (even 6s), but way harder to garner the 7. There are, unfortunately, subjects like that. As to the rest, Economics is very good, prestigious (you even have it HL which even values your curriculum more) and "easy" to get top marks, if you really work hard and engage with the subject. Unlike history it is more padronised and if you get its method you can get it. But like I said, if you ask me: do subjects make such a difference that it is better to choose stronger and more reputable subjects but conversely get lower grades (imagine 32/34) than a person who has "puny" subjects but gets 36/38 points? No, definitely, thats why I told you if you are feeling confident with the subjects, and you actually nurture some interest, keep those. Grades are more important than the subjects. It will be a matter of how you value, in your personal statement or some written way of expression college demands you, the subjects you took. Exhibit A: check my curriculum. I am actually applying to IE Univ (one of the 10 best univ in the world) and have been accepted so far in 4/5 univ in the uk such as lancaster univ, surrey, warwick and kent; the only one who hasn't replied to my application was edinburgh, but they only usually reply around march so... Dont worry, grow and prosper! Richard
  8. Hey guys, I have been kinda exasperated and anxious with my History HL exam now in may: more than being a very demanding subject, it has a less padronised program and so can be considered to be harder to get top marks. Don't wanna seem kinda sponger but if you could give a few tips, talk about your situation with the subject, discuss the subject itself and, if you may, attach some notes or practicing answers to past papers (this was actually something not only I but also more people could benefit from, because for every subject you must have an effective writing, which enables you to get top marks). To get ambitious grades in this rigorous subject, we must intertwine knowledge with practice (until the exams, we can get both, so I would like to ask you, who has had good answers/methodology that would like to share with us). I have studied the following modules: WW1, Tsarist Russia, Weimar Republic, single party states such as Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia, WW2, League of Nations, Cold War with Vietnam, Korea, Cuba all of that (also including the impact of the UN in Cold War, the relation between China and the USA and Russia and China), the Spanish Civil War, Algerian War and Falkland War. Cheers, Richard
  9. Guys, I am in a hurry. I was doing my application for IE University in Segovia to take a dual bachelor of Law and Business Administration, when I "stumbled" in the admission tests. They require either the IE Admission test or other as SAT, LNAT, CAS or ACT. The Cambridge Assessment Test (CAS) includes those Language tests like the First (FCE), the Advanced and the Proficiency, right? Because I have done my First (FCE) Exam and if it does count, then I must use it as I haven't done any of these. Could anyone who knows or has been confronted with these admission tests explain help me? If I am not able to upload my FCE result, then can you explain to me how can I do one of the other exams and am I still on time? Really I need fast answers! Thanks in advance, Richard
  10. Hey there Arrow Head, I am on my 2nd year and I am planning to go study English and American Literature and Creative Writing. Writing is my passion and despite not being a safe option I think i have to take it otherwise i would be frustrated and feeling guilty. However, law is also on of my main interests and an area which, like the arts and literature, I also reveal some appetence (I could choose basically most humanities-oriented degrees). The thing is I thought about after taking a lit degree, i could take law just to reconcile it with lit. the lit course encompasses an year abroad In the us, which is a place I would gladly like to live. Do you think it would be possible for me to then take law there or do a conversion course if i decide to take it somewhere else and then live in the us?
  11. I have a particular favorable array of subjects, mostly humanities-oriented. I find the easiest maybe Literature HL, English B and Math. Studies. For these its like you don't even have to study outside class, as Literature is easy for me as well as english as a second language and math studies has mechanic questions which after you do tons of papers and discuss a lot of those questions in class, believe me there are no "surprise" questions. In the middle maybe I would put History HL, because its hard to have maximum grades due to its less objective criteria and argumentative-essay style, but still it doesn't require me much to prepare for the test, like I know a few important events from each chapter and then I create my own arguments, which, if sustained, are valid. I am struggling to get a 7, but 5 or 6 is quite attainable. The hardest are definitely Economics SL and ESS SL... they just require a lot of memorization and little interest and commitment from the students. They both contain very abstract concepts which, even though not fully explored like harder subjects like maths HL or Philosophy, the fact these are vague and abstract attempts, it makes it even harder for us students. Honestly, not my "kind" of subjects.
  12. Hey pal, Studying natural sciences, unfortunately for most of the cases, values your curriculum. Regardless of what you are going to study, a student with 2 natural science subjects indicates he s organized and methodic and the UK universities, and most of them do tend to get enthusiastic with the sciences. Nonetheless, as you say Physics is a very demanding subject, even for those who like and it and want to pursue engineering and all of that. This being said, I believe you can put it SL level and choose another science as Biology or Chemistry and maybe (it is not essential) choose one of these to put HL but I mean like I told you the politics/economics university department will obviously consider that you re not a sciences student, so HL is no "required criterion". Moreover, Business isn't usually an appreciated subject, obviously if you like it, then take it but it is usually perceived as the same as IB Economics, but "easier". More less like Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies... I have applied to universities and talked to a few university "experts" and advisers, and I assure you that, in your specific case, and bearing in mind the university scope, having Physics or other sciences is indeed very beneficial for your curriculum (instead of B&M), and you don't even need to put both HL, just one of them and if you don't feel at all conformable don't put any of the sciences subjects HL, don't worry. Hope I helped, pal
  13. Guys, I wanna hear who is taking the most unusual subject combination on the IB and why. Also, mention whether the school provides many other choices, or you were just standing back against the wall.
  14. as he knew the country had no military and industrial resources to be several years in war.
  15. Hey, pal I am on my 2nd year of the IB (yeah I am on that phase of rushing to put an end to all IAs, EE and Tok bull****) and we have something in common: the desire to study Film. Film is a very important area of the arts and, unlike what everyone says, it is not "for everyone". In fact, I would say it requires great ecocentrism and creativity if you really want to stand out. Just to say that what I am going to tell you next, obviously just an advice, isn't because I find it lame or a puny degree. I would advise you not to take it as a degree now, specially in the UK. There is nothing wrong with the UK, but the real "solace" of the eccentric minds of film is in the US. Excelling in Film is already hard, which makes it very important to take the right "steps". At first, I did not understand this, well, I did but I thought it was a fatalist bs that all other guys say because they fear cinema won't give you a job. Its not that. Look at my example. I consider myself a creative person, with aesthetic sensibility and basically every of my colleagues was telling me "oh dude you must go to some artsy degree". Well, and I am (kinda). I love writing and Literature and it has always been my main interest. It does not provide many employment either, does it? Well, what I am doing is taking a prestigious literature degree in the UK in which I hope to get good grades and ingratiate with the lecturers in the UK and then depart to the US to take an MA on Film. But we are all different, I am just recounting my experience because I also wanted to take Film, but try to grasp that you can indeed maximize the chances of not only being successful in Film or in any area related to visual arts (Media, in your case), but also of you being happy and satisfied with the choices you made. Cheers, pal. Hope I helped