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  1. Which software should we use to draw the graph for our Economics commentary?
  2. Is there such thing as Javanese B? Should we ask the IBO to have one?
  3. Hi! I'm looking forward to doing an extended essay on econophysics. Can you suggest some titles that I should use? And also, should I contact a physics teacher more often or an economics teacher? Thanks!
  4. Hi There, I am a student from AIS Singapore and I've been hearing lots about ACS (Anglo-Chinese School) Independent for having many students graduating with a full 45 as for being taught by A Level teachers. May I know on which rank of books should I buy for practice for the HL and SL subjects? Should I get H1 for SL subjects and H2 for HL subjects or H2 for SL and H3 for HL? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm a student who had just started the IB course for English Lang & Lit. Can anyone share their notes with me regarding this topic? (Part 1: Language in a cultural context)
  6. Hi! I just wish to know whether if anyone is doing two literature papers for the DP. If so, do you recommend others to do it too?
  7. Hi, My friend is an Indonesian but he wishes to do Indonesian B in Singapore, is that possible? He was educated in an English medium school for most of his life.
  8. Hi, Is it possible if someone writes their Extended Essay in a language that is not taken as their Language A or B? Will there still be a bilingual diploma?
  9. Is there such thing as a trilingual diploma? Maybe if someone is doing 2 Language As but had done their Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge in their language B?
  10. I think there would be a slight increase in difficulty. But guess what, since you are from Hong Kong, resources for learning Chinese B are everywhere! Chinese literature, China affairs, Chinese newspapers, they are all just footsteps away. But if you are speaking Cantonese at home, I suggest you to do Chinese/Cantonese language A.
  11. It's a big jump. Someone in my school who scored an A* in IGCSE Chinese as a foreign language said that IB Chinese B is really hard as it involves reading newspapers, China affairs and such. Chinese B HL would be more about Chinese literature.
  12. That's my question. My school counsellor had recommended me to take physics and chemistry as for doing engineering. It might make my life easier but would engineering universities like to see someone doing 2 language B?
  13. But yeah it will be a 'waste of subject' as for studying in Singapore, I have already picked up Chinese and a bilingual diploma would mean nothing for applying for engineering. They do offer Indonesian B in my school (with 'bule' teachers) but I am not sure whether if it's useful for engineering for having two language Bs.
  14. Hi! I am an Indonesian national but although I am able to speak Indonesian fluently and speak it as a language spoken at home, I might not be able to write as well due to the grammar conventions and I rarely read Indonesian language books. Is it required for me to take Language A Indonesian to apply to any universities around the world?
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