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  1. Thanks for that. I've kind of given up on answering peoples Qs on IAs because they all seemed to have missed the point. Maybe I should post this video into them all but then I'll get told off for spamming or advertising or something!
  2. I agree there is a big jump in Chemistry SL to HL. Base your decision on your career path. A*A* means you are more than capable to do it. If you are going to do science, nothing is more empowering than HL Chemistry.
  3. Replicating and referencing the procedure is fine if you are using it for a different investigation, but in your analysis of its strengths and weaknesses it's best to make adjustments to better suit your personal investigation.
  4. First research what has been done. You may be able to follow up on their suggested extensions. I tried to make a video to show how to get your question. Let me if this is helpful or not:
  5. Sounds good. One of the Chemisry exemplars is very much like this but not done well. To get a good mark you need to find out what research has been done already and base yours as an extension of that into your interest area. You can adapt either their findings or method or both.
  6. It is confusing because of unit errors. Corrections: So I used 1 Mole/dm3 of HCl, which came in a bottle. I used 20 mL of that. I made 20mL of 0.75 mole/dm3 of it by using 15 ml of 1mo/dm3 HCl and 5 ml of water I hope that makes sense now. I have another dilution example here:
  7. What is your interest in the evaporation rate of unsaturated fats?
  8. The complete answer to your question is here: I have a lot of example titration calculation example specifically for IB on http://www.mrwengibchemistry.com Please also look for Vit C titration in the search. It is very IB. I cover a lot more than msjchem and Richard at the moment including IA resources.
  9. I can help with Chemistry, and Physics is almost the same. I have a process that I get from the Google Scence Fair to help get a topic you are interested in as well as an important template and advice in video form all found here: http://www.mrwengibchemistry.com/ib-chemistry-ias-and-ees.html
  10. I made a video/blog arguing Pearson is the best text: http://www.mrwengibchemistry.com/blog/ib-chemistry-textbook-review-oxford-vs-pearson
  11. What are your interests and hobbies? Find something you like then improve it with research and experimentation. For example one student I had liked mountain climbing and would use handwarming packs in the winter. He based an experiment on the chemistry of this.
  12. You will lose as a bare minimum 2 marks but likely far more. One for not processing one for not being able to analyze in the discusion because it is absent.
  13. I would focus on the SL functional group naming and writing. Being really familiar with these makes everything else easier. Both MSJChem and myself have heaps of comprehensive videos on this with the syllabus embedded. Richard Thornley of course has a full set too. In particular I've made free online quizzes to help with this.
  14. Hi Scienuk, That sounds right. It's the same with enthalpy. We are actually measuring changes and don't know what their complete energy is. Ie. Hidden atomic nuclear energy. Mr Weng
  15. Thanks. There are heaps of other resources for you there and I'm trying to get people to ask Qs for me to answer. All the best.
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