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  1. I think policies are likely to come
  2. Economics for the IB Diploma by Ellie Tragakes is a great book
  3. What kind of questions could be asked for the Economics HL paper, May 2018? What do you guys predict?
  4. Maybelle

    Song Analysis- FOA

    Could anyone suggest a song which could be analysed and a song which reflects the singers identity?
  5. Maybelle


    I am planning to make a comic strip for my FOA... any ideas for the Part 1 of the course???
  6. Maybelle


    Can someone suggest a few businesses for CUEGIS???
  7. Maybelle


    Ideas for Part 1???
  8. Maybelle

    FOA & Written Task

    What if I fail in my FOA or Written task? How will it affect my grade? Does anyone have ideas for the FOA for part 1??

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