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  1. Hello guys This is for all students who have done or are doing their Psychology IAs, that require you to do an experiment and make consent forms for those Do you need to have to write your own consent form: Because things like 'the participant can withdraw if they wish' and 'anonymity is mainted protected' and stuff like that are common sentences, would that come up as plagiarised even if they were taught in class but are very common in consent forms
  2. Does IB penalise you completely if you use animals in any experiment that may or may not be breaking their ethical policies? (Using Humans to test vision, simple experiments like that, that do not cause any harm and just test vision and another factor such as age?) Do you know anyone in your school and did the same and scored well?
  3. Hi I believe if your supervisor might have different opinions on it then you probably shouldn't do it. How about something more simple? You don't need to have a complicated topic to score well. Something to do with vision and something else?
  4. Does anybody know anyone who did their Biology EE on humans? If yes, what were your experiments about? (like what did you guys test?)
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