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  1. Jaysun

    Chemistry IA HELP

    Is this for HL or SL? What area/chapter/unit is it relevant to the IB curriculum? We're all more than happy to help but no one's here to toss out free IA topics, but if you have an idea, even a vague one, of certain things you want to look into I'm sure people can help you expand on that and find a topic!
  2. Google sites is totally fine. Also, you're most definitely allowed to use click and drag web builders @kw0573. I used Wix and wrote very little HTML and still got a high 6 for my IA. The key lies more with the documentation than the actual product, I've found.
  3. Whichever version that's turned in is the one that gets marked
  4. Different universities require different things. IELTS is a pretty standard requirement, although some schools may waive it on the account for Lang/Lit HL. A quick google search about the admission requirements for the school you want should answer your question.
  5. It is definitely doable. You don't even need to be good at math to be good at Physics SL, I would dare to say it is the easiest SL science. The rest are pretty standard courses. English Lit HL may be your most difficult course, but if you read all the material it should be fine.
  6. I mean...it is literature. Some people are gonna find it interesting and others will find it boring. I covered myself with fake blood for my IOP because I felt it was needed to add to my analysis to Macbeth. Don't pander to your audience, other than your teacher since they mark it (although I would assume they find literature interesting if they're teaching lit).
  7. I would be careful about that, metaphors and literary devices are sometimes best left up to interpretation. However, if they do seem really abstract, it may be helpful to say your rationale behind using such abstract metaphors, but I would be careful about doing any level of in-depth analysis.
  8. Oh damn yea it's a FOA, it's been a while since I've been in IB. But yea since it's Lit, definitely look into how poetry expresses literature differently than monologue, and how your poem enriches what's already there. I don't think you should compare your rationale to your poem. A poem should be natural, and a rationale should contain all relevant information and your thoughts on why you chose to do this. I think a rationale can be rather brief, but again, ask your teacher to confirm this. You shouldn't need to break down your poem line by line or anything like that.
  9. Yo. I'm not god but I'll try to help you anyways. I think your question depends on whether you're taking Lit or LangLit. If it's LangLit, then I think focusing on your use of words and literary devices/detail would be more important, since that is more the focus of the course. For lit, I think a huge focus should be on how your poem provides insight/analysis to this character/novel, and how it allows for literary enrichment by presenting the internal monologue in poetry form. Your approach really does allow for flexibility. I've never actually heard of an IOP rationale, so I can't help you with the formatting. I feel like asking your teacher would be the best bet. I would assume that the rationale is just to prove that you've put serious thought and consideration into your IOP, so I think it'd be important to communicate that (like why you are doing what you are doing).
  10. The short answer is technically not, but it certainly looks a lot better if you continue to do some creativity stuff throughout IB because it looks good, and adds credibility to your other activities so it's not "doing something for the sake of CAS and nothing else". You can certainly do it at a reduced pace though, like maybe an hour or two per month.
  11. You don't necessarily need a supervisor, especially for creativity. You will, however, be required to provide evidence of this experience.
  12. You'll probably be ok, but maybe lose some formality marks. IB markers are human, so they'll be able to tell you simply forgot to cite lines of a text. They're mainly concerned about the plagiarism of other peoples' ideas/analysis.
  13. Differing opinion: from what I've heard, less and less universities are considering math studies as a valid high school mathematics course (at least in Canada, which is very similar to the US). Every single school will have Biochem in the department of sciences, which means some sort of standard timetable early in your schooling, including calculus and whatnot. I applied to some Ivy's for STEM majors, so I know that math studies is more or less a death sentence if you want to do STEM. Smaller colleges may be more lax, but medicine is still a very competitive program, regardless of the school. Every school is very clear with their IB requirements on their respective sites. If any school says they "recommend math SL or higher" that probably means you should've done SL or higher, or have some other crazy amazing thing on your portfolio.
  14. Ok, first of all, your EE shouldn't be limited to what you've already done in class (or what you will do in class, for that matter). Assuming you;re taking HL Phys, your EE will probably need complexity beyond IB curriculum, at least that is all that I have seen. If you do not plagiarize anything, then no it is not malpractice, but you'll probably get a terrible mark. You're not expected to come up with a novel topic and write a research paper on something completely new (that's for your PhD), but you are expected to devise scientific methodology, and approach a problem in some sort of novel way. For example, you can look at how different materials affect slipping, or something like that idk. Lastly, your EE will be marked based on HL material, regardless what level you're taking physics at. Make sure your theory is rigorous enough.
  15. Everytime there's a hot button political issue, it's always thin ice for such a presentation. TOK is meant to teach logical, rational and critical thinking, and going after one of the most controversial topics right now can be both good or bad. In short, yes it's valid from many perspectives. It lends itself to various subjects within social science, including history, geography, political science, economics, religion, philosophy etc. It's a complex topic that encompasses a wide range of points and could be done quite well if you are prepared for it. On the other side, it's very easy to be carried away. Your TOK presentation is not a speech, nor is it activism or propaganda. If you're going to straight up stand up there and say that right wing is wrong without breaking it down, it would probably be a bad presentation. Ethics is also even thinner ice, because of the intangible things that are part of it.
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