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  1. Jaysun

    IOP general help

    This is far too vague of a question. Your topic can be anything you want relating to the works you are permitted to do your IOP on, etc.
  2. Jaysun

    IB Subject choices for ivy league

    It *could* help. Being "bilingual" under the IB definition (two language HL's) is seen as an asset by both arts majors and top universities. However, I'm not sure it is completely necessary.
  3. Jaysun

    IB Subject choices for ivy league

    Math studies is frowned upon, even if you're going into arts. Even some mid-tier universities no long accept math studies as valid maths course, I'm sure the ivy leagues won't be too different. I assume your languages are English and Spanish (?). If its not, then you're gonna need two languages. Taking two HL languages especially could be helpful. Ultimately, it's not your courses that will get you into a top university, it's your personal experiences and what you decide to do with your time outside of these classes.
  4. Jaysun

    How does the school decide our predicted grades?

    That is incredibly rough, first time IB teacher are notorious for making a circus out of predicted grades (actual personal experience here), I feel like some formal training is required to be an IB teacher. Anyways, your predicted grades should be based solely on IB curriculum and content, as well as your IAs and other assessments dictated by the IB. If you're in a province like BC, where provincial education is a joke and a half, it may be beneficial if your teacher is weighing this more heavily, although it is certainly not proper. There are pretty clear marking rubrics by IB. Read them over, and if you feel like you deserve a better grade, go talk to your teachers/IB coordinator, but make sure you have ample knowledge and evidence. If things are egregious, I think the best thing may be to contact the IBO and request some formal moderation, as predicted grades are very important.
  5. Jaysun

    (ASAP) pH 10 buffer solution recipe

    A glycine+sodium hydroxide buffer or a carbonate-bicarbonate buffer can be 10pH. This is a pretty helpful site: https://www.aatbio.com/resources/buffer-preparations-and-recipes/carbonate-bicarbonate-buffer-ph-9-2-to-10-6 You can play around with the sliders to get the pH you want.
  6. Jaysun

    How to prep for Viva Voce

    The viva voce is really chill (at least it was for me). Basically a casual conversation about your EE experience and reflecting on it. If you are the person who wrote your EE then you have nothing to worry about!
  7. If any MYP dare have entrance exams, they're out of their minds and it's not worth it. DP starts in grade 11. Your son is 6 years from that. Let him have fun and enjoy childhood.
  8. Jaysun

    CAS Project

    How much collaboration are you doing with the charity? Your CAS project has to be "collaborative" in nature, so I think it would qualify if you are collaborating with other artists, composers, musicians as well as organizers of this event. Also, this should be a series of sequential experiences, so it has to show consistent effort over a period of time. If you demonstrate these, then it would certainly be a good CAS project. Nevertheless, regardless of the IB criteria, this is a great thing you're doing!
  9. Jaysun

    Which maths should I take?

    Last I heard, UBC Sciences does not treat Math Studies as a valid math course, so you wouldn't even be considered for admission. I would assume McGill and UT to have similar, if not the same policies. Even if they don't, you're expected to take both calculus and statistics in the majors you mentioned, and doing math studies will put you behind many people, even those who didn't do IB (imho math studies is easier than the BC provincial curriculum). However, since you're not going into a math-intensive major, I would recommend Math SL for you. Many of my friends are in UBC Bio/Biochem, and they find some math to be challenging, but also found that Math SL suffice as a precursor. Hope that helps!
  10. Jaysun

    Chemistry II

    Personally, I'd choose depth of breadth in terms of IA content. I don't think soft drinks has much relevance, although I see comparing fruits to store bought juices of the same fruit would be a more appropriate comparison, although like you said, you can just look at labels. Also, I would stick to fruits. Titrating store bought drinks is over-done and would not provide the background depth you need. Again, I think what you should place more focus on is the pure chemistry principles behind what you're investigating. A real-life connection is always nice, but it shouldn't take precedent over the academic portions of your paper. Your IA isn't a consumer guide, it's an academic exploration. It might be helpful just to have a chat with your chemistry teacher and gauge their thoughts on what you're doing. Everything I'm saying is purely anecdotal and based on my experiences (it's also a HL Chemistry standpoint, SL is a little more lax on the chemistry theory part, although I don't know how much). This is all pretty general advice, I'm hoping this thread helps a few more people. Feel free to throw me a PM if you have specific questions
  11. Jaysun

    Chemistry II

    Exactly, determining, or at least making an effort to determine why something is the way it is from a chemistry standpoint is very central to having a good IA. Where you discuss it would depend heavily on how you plan structuring your paper, although I guess IA structure is pretty rigid. To give you some context, my IA was an investigation on how fermentation time affects alcohol content in an alcoholic beverage (basically I was making a sort of wine at school ). I had a section titled "Background" which was three pages long, and outlined the biochemistry behind fermentation, especially regarding the agents I chose to use, how they differ from other agents, other relevant research, and this led naturally into my hypothesis. You don't have to follow this structure, it's just here for reference. Also, your last point about health aspect is really good. IB cares a lot about "real-world connections", so relating that to consumers would be helpful as well. I believe I also wrote a bit of it in my evaluation/conclusion, comparing my values to store-bought products, and I guess gave some advice to whoever wanted to ferment their own alcohol. Hope this helps! It's good to ask questions. I left questions for the last second and had to write my entire background portion in the night before it was due. Without it I probably would've failed since that section is central to the "investigative" portion of my IA.
  12. My school had TOK every second day starting at 7AM for both years of IB. Keep in mind the prescribed teaching time for TOK is something like 50 hours. And yes, attendance is mandatory, you can't sleep in class, you get docked marks for being late. Fond memories
  13. SL Physics barely requires any math. If you can get like a 4/5 in Math SL then you're mathematically competent for it.
  14. Jaysun

    English Extended Essay

    There has most likely been scholarly analysis done on the texts you are using. Also, depending on your topics, history and societal contexts can all play a role in your analysis. However, most of the analysis done should be your own.
  15. Jaysun

    IB Math Studies or IB Math SL?

    Business has a fair amount of math. Also, keep in mind that most universities, especially internationally ranked ones, do not accept math studies as a valid math course for high school maths.

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