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  1. You don't necessarily need a supervisor, especially for creativity. You will, however, be required to provide evidence of this experience.
  2. Jaysun

    Plagiarism or not?

    You'll probably be ok, but maybe lose some formality marks. IB markers are human, so they'll be able to tell you simply forgot to cite lines of a text. They're mainly concerned about the plagiarism of other peoples' ideas/analysis.
  3. Jaysun

    USA Universities and Math Studies

    Differing opinion: from what I've heard, less and less universities are considering math studies as a valid high school mathematics course (at least in Canada, which is very similar to the US). Every single school will have Biochem in the department of sciences, which means some sort of standard timetable early in your schooling, including calculus and whatnot. I applied to some Ivy's for STEM majors, so I know that math studies is more or less a death sentence if you want to do STEM. Smaller colleges may be more lax, but medicine is still a very competitive program, regardless of the school. Every school is very clear with their IB requirements on their respective sites. If any school says they "recommend math SL or higher" that probably means you should've done SL or higher, or have some other crazy amazing thing on your portfolio.
  4. Jaysun

    EE topic selection

    Ok, first of all, your EE shouldn't be limited to what you've already done in class (or what you will do in class, for that matter). Assuming you;re taking HL Phys, your EE will probably need complexity beyond IB curriculum, at least that is all that I have seen. If you do not plagiarize anything, then no it is not malpractice, but you'll probably get a terrible mark. You're not expected to come up with a novel topic and write a research paper on something completely new (that's for your PhD), but you are expected to devise scientific methodology, and approach a problem in some sort of novel way. For example, you can look at how different materials affect slipping, or something like that idk. Lastly, your EE will be marked based on HL material, regardless what level you're taking physics at. Make sure your theory is rigorous enough.
  5. Jaysun

    tok presentation

    Everytime there's a hot button political issue, it's always thin ice for such a presentation. TOK is meant to teach logical, rational and critical thinking, and going after one of the most controversial topics right now can be both good or bad. In short, yes it's valid from many perspectives. It lends itself to various subjects within social science, including history, geography, political science, economics, religion, philosophy etc. It's a complex topic that encompasses a wide range of points and could be done quite well if you are prepared for it. On the other side, it's very easy to be carried away. Your TOK presentation is not a speech, nor is it activism or propaganda. If you're going to straight up stand up there and say that right wing is wrong without breaking it down, it would probably be a bad presentation. Ethics is also even thinner ice, because of the intangible things that are part of it.
  6. Jaysun

    Ib material (laptop,...)

    If you're just using like word processing functions and aren't into computers, then yea, get a mac. However, if you are even thinking about doing STEM, get a PC. Many programs central to engineering and analytical sciences don't run on macs.
  7. What you're asking for is either not available as a comprehensive resource, or very expensive since it would take a long time to write up that kind of stuff. I guess there might be some questions on Chegg, and if you have an account you can get the Chegg people to do it for you, but you're probably gonna have to do it yourself.
  8. Jaysun

    SL Maths IA Ideas

    I did a sport focused Math IA as well. I talked about using statistical methods to model statistical distributions in baseball, and talked about the strengths and weaknesses of these different methods. I ended up getting a good mark at the HL level, so I think this is something you can think about!
  9. Jaysun

    How to study for HL Math and SL Physics

    For Math HL, definitely focus on a good mix of past papers and general concepts. The exams can be a little unpredictable, and I recommend using the past exams to find out the areas you need to work on, and then go back to learning the theory and make sure you have a solid foundations of the concepts and formulas. Paper 3 can also be surprisingly sneaky, so definitely do not overlook the option you took. Physics SL is rather straightforward. A look over the notes and some practice exams should do the trick.
  10. Jaysun

    Pre IB Preparation

    Yes, don't skip class, until university
  11. Jaysun

    Pre IB Preparation

    @Sandwich said it all, but to re-iterate: - You're in grade 8. I did fine in IB and I barely went to class/did hw until DP started in grade 11 - Pre-IB is supposed to ease you into it. Very few schools make it unreasonably hard. If you school does, then it's whatever, but there shouldn't be anything over your head, especially since you love school - You need to practice having fun and enjoying life in the summer! High school is a good time so take advantage of it. Explore extracurricular stuff and develop your interests. At the end of the day these are the things that are gonna help you in life (and CAS)!
  12. Jaysun

    Subject help for indecisive me

    Ok, now with more context I can see the reasoning behind your course selection. To answer your question about DT in engineering. I took a quick look at the DT curriculum, and it seems like a conventional first year engineering course that most school makes compulsive for all students. In my humble opinion, I don't think that a lot of engineering schools care about "design" when you're just starting out. Very few, if any, engineering students get a design job for their first job/internship. Obviously, it's great to know design principles and engineering economics/project management, and I think DT lends a bit more toward entrepreneurship, but I also don't think it's worth using two years of schooling on this early. Much of design is based, and limited on, an engineer's technical knowledge and skills. However, this is just what I think, and I'm sure there will be engineering students who'll disagree with me I know the common app grind pretty well since I also did it, so I can see where you're coming from with recommendation letters. However, if you do robotics with this teacher, but don't take DT, I think they are still able to write your recommendation letter, and it doesn't make it any less valid. Congrats on the AP ComSci credits though, they will definitely help. I think gives you a bit more flexibility, in that you can probably take DT and meet all pre-requisites and be fine since you have a diverse course record. At the end of the day, unless you get like 100% in every course, what'll set you apart from other applicants will be what you decide to do with your time outside of school!
  13. Jaysun

    Subject help for indecisive me

    A few thoughts on your course selection from a current engineering undergrad: 1, Change your mathematics to HL if possible. You will find that engineering/CS departments heavily favor Math HL students, and professors will teach like you have the background of HL, especially the calculus part. Both of your aspirations are extremely math heavy, and I have seen firsthand SL Math students struggle with just first year mathematics courses in Eng/CS. 2, Keep in mind most universities have both Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The differences between the two are not so subtle. Anyhow, almost ALL engineering departments, and many CS departments, require chemistry for AT LEAST the grade 12 level. Check with your adviser and the schools you wish to apply to. If you do not meet a pre-requisite for a program, your application won't be considered for it. 3, If CS is a course option for you, take it, regardless of who your teacher is. CS is one of those subjects with massive amounts of resources online, and teaching yourself technical knowledge is a precursor to university (you can't just "switch" courses in uni if your prof is bad). AFAIK design tech may not be even seen as a valid science course by some STEM faculties, and it won't help your case for comsci. It is possible (and I think likely), that they will find it very strange that a CS applicant took Design Tech even though CS was an available course. Trust me, they won't give a damn about your reason that your teacher "doesn't do her job well". It's good that you're not yet in IB. You have a few years to figure out what you want. Based on the courses you chose, I felt you feel conflicted about what your courses, since you have HL Physics but SL Math (Physics is literally applied math), and taking Design Tech based on teacher. Take some time to do some research about programs you're interested in, and note their pre-requisites. And maybe most importantly, have some fun and live a little before IB starts!
  14. Jaysun

    "with reference to two areas of knowledge"

    To answer your questions in sequential order: 1. I think that is okay 2. That sounds good but also like a lot. You may run into trouble with word count and could prevent you from developing your ideas fully. 3. Technically I think it fulfills the requirements, but you may want to be very careful crafting that argument. Certain claims/counterclaims do not apply to all AoKs the same way. There should be a lot of consideration about context.
  15. Damn, my age is showing :'( Now that I'm done IB, this change seems like a good idea. However I would've hated the vagueness and uncertainty of passing CAS while I was a student. 150 hours is far more achievable (or rather, easy to brute force) than "commitment and personal growth".

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