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  1. Hey fellow psych students, I finished the methodology part of the course about a month ago. However, I really don't understand the different methods of content analysis (grounded theory, ICA or whatnot). Honestly I don't even know how many there are. My teacher isn't very helpful and the psych books are useless in this regard as well. Can anyone explain them to me or point me to a good online resource? Thank you in advance!
  2. first of you should check the requirements for your preferred uni on UCAS. I am quite sure that some will want to see Bio HL. Even if they don't require it, Biology will probably be more helpful to you than maths during your actual universitiy studies . It will also be easier to get 38 with maths in SL. You should really only do maths HL if you want to study it (or maybe physics). I can't tell how good you are at maths of course but sometimes just "liking maths" isn't quite enough (again hard to tell, you could have a burning passion for it for all i know). To be good at maths HL you also have to work very hard and really be dedicated to it. Also Maths SL is quite interesting and challenging already really so if you dont need maths HL you probably shouldn't take it. Also since most universities have certain requirements of HL grades (for example Oxbrige wants something like 7,7,6 at HL). So having bio as an Hl also makes that eassier. Overall I wouldnt recommend you take Bio HL and maths SL but in the end it's up to you.
  3. well, you do have to be motivated since you have to manage your time etc. and since the workload is quite high. It also costs quite a significqnt amount of money. which you will have to pay unless you are lucky enough and your school does it (which, i believe, is quite rare). Then of course there is the slight risk of getting a bad teacher (which you also have with normal classes though, so...) On the other hand it's quite cool to be interconnencted with people from all over the world. My course starts tomorrow but i already did the orientation course and it looks really nice. They have texts which you need to read, discussion forums, interactives, live lessons, wikis, videos and probably more (In psychology at least). You also have a class teacher with whom you can comunicate via instant messanger or skype. They updated the website design as well so that everything is neater. In conclusion; yes, the online course is a efficient as real life teaching (again, you can get a bad teacher but same in real life). If you really want to do the subject, are motivated and know how to manage your time, do it.
  4. Oxygen and Magnesium went on a date and I was like "OMg!"
  5. Lea:)

    blurt random lyrics out!

    Up, down, strange, charm, top, bottom if you don't know what a Quark is it don't matter you still got'em
  6. hmh that is weird... maybe there are different ways to become a donor or maybe you had to take test a while ago but not anymore? When was this But look here you can just print or order one: https://www.organspende-info.de/organspendeausweis/bestellen If you check the FAQ section it also says that there is no organ donor register in germany and that having that card is enough. As to why people are hesitant to be donors: I think there are some people that won't do it for religious reasons. In some cultures it is believed that removing organs can inhibit the person's after life etc. Also a lot of people probably don't want to think about their own death
  7. I think organ donation is incredibly important! Here in Germany it's incredibly easy to become an organ donor. You only have to be 16 (or have parents consent). Then you fill out and sign a little card. Done! you just have to carry it around in your wallet and if you don't want to be a donor anymore you discard of it.
  8. That's great ! I'm sure it's a good decision I think I really want to do HL as well but I'll wait till the beginning of the year...
  9. i know, i know that's the problem But I'll see... Good Luck to you too and maybe we'll meet again
  10. yeah me too. I dont really need it for uni but I really enjoy psychology and i may want to study it later on :/ I'm just a bit scared because i already have physics, maths and chem as my HLs and they're supposed to be difficult Also I cant drop any of those because I need them for the uni I want to apply to . Oh well, I'll see at the end of the holidays i guess
  11. Those we're my favorite too! and according to the Pamoja website the sl course will do only abnormal psych and the hl course will do both abnormal and human relationships. Yeah my school has done the IB for a bit longer (around 10years) but to be honest they didnt tell me that much. I had to hassle my coordinator for weeks until he finally enrolled me in the course. Do you already know if you will transfer to hl?
  12. Hey I'm also going to take Psychology SL on Pamoja, maybe we'll meet! I was also thinking of changing to Hl and from what i've heard the difference between the two is not very great. You only have to take another option (which I personally would love to do since all the options sound terrific) and you will have to look at the psychology research methodology. Seeing as your other subjects arent too tough you could probably manage hl as well. Just remember that you will have to make up your mind till Octobre 12th otherwise you will have to pay a transfer fee. As for the books... I dont know if its a requirement but I think I will get one. I will certainly buy it second hand though. You could also maybe just buy a study guide seeing as they are cheaper. Honestly considering the cost of the course I would hope they cover reading material ^^
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