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  1. Does anyone know if those reviews sent to "supervisors" are required to be actually filled out by them. I realized I put some invalid email adresses there that arent being used anymore. And it's going to be quite laborous having to contact those people again. If anyone has an official IB document, that states this, that would be great, cause I know my CAS co-ordinator is going to be a D*** about it. Thank you
  2. Hello! I'm very desperate to earn the bonus points I need to get into my top uni. My TOK presentation is in 10-14days, and I am having serious trouble finding a real life situation, I need it to be good. I had one, which I worked quite a bit on, but I put it on halt because I realized that it isn't strong enough to get me (us) an A. It was about economics: specifically about equality, and how we know if taxing rich people is justifiable, and how we know if we are taxing the right people. I would have also included how developed countries are to ignite parallel technological developments for non-developed countries, and since non-developed countries grow faster, equality would be reached. At this point I found that the questions about knowledge would end up being very weak, and that the taxation component wasn't really that strong either. So I need something new, I just can't find anything, we worked on ethics (which our teacher is insanely against us doing for TOK presentation since he never saw a good one), and as a class we looked primarly at the Natural and Human Sciences. Since im not a strong natural scientist (maybe physics a bit, but my partner knows nothing about physics), I would really like to find something with economics (which I take at HL) and I also took ITGS (not really a human science, but I like the subject), or otherwise another human sciency thing. I just need something that can get me the marks. My partner is absolutely useless, but if I make him get to work he probably will, but for now he can't come up with anything either. So if anyone has something good, I would be INSANELY GRATEFUL. THANK YOU
  3. Other than Game Theory/Lorenz Curve Thank you!
  4. I’m about to go into IB2, with Math SL, Physics HL (which i suck at), ITGS SL (done), and Economics HL, with my EE in ITGS. I only just realized that im interested in these subjects, and feel kind off underprepared into writing a personal statement. I’m thinking of joining trade/finance, and writing my math IA about something economics related. I might also take part in the AP comparitive government. I just don’t feel like that's enough (and very pushy maybe), and that other students will have more to offer. I need inspiration. Also, is it smart to include something about a math IA in a personal statement? and what are some topics I could do it about other then Lorenz Curve/Game Theory. I just wanna explore and expose my interest, just need to find out HOW!? Thank you!
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  6. For Paper 1 (c), how do u distinguish: discuss and evaluate, and to what extent when they are simply asking the same thing? Discuss the usefullness of the IT System? Evaluate the usefullness of the IT System? To what extent is the IT System useful? And what about analyse? I would write down the same exact things for three different command terms
  7. Hello Guys, For Paper 2 in ITGS, I am really would like to know what the most efficient structure of writing is. Meaning when do I mention the stakeholders and their negative/positive impacts, and evaluate them. Currently this is my system Issue 1 State Issue Positive Impact Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Negative Impact Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Evaluate Issue 2 State Issue Positive Impact Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Negative Impact Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Evaluate But I know that this isn't the most efficient, if any knows a better structure please reply. Thank you!
  8. Hello Everyone, As a first year IB Student I only have one IB exam, and thats my one-year (at most schools two-year) taught ITGS SL course. We've gone through most of the content, and most of it is not that hard. But what are techniques and ways I can actually prepare for the exam-questions? I know the IB is especially specific about HOW you answer certain questions, rather then WHAT (at least thats what I think). So some people expect 6's, but they get 5's or 4's. How do I prevent that? and how can I train myself on my own to get good at answering these exam questions, and get that 6. I have a week vacation in which I will spend most time getting prepared. Thank you!!!
  9. So, I am planning to make this video-clip with a group of guys for our CAS Creativity. It's going to be a rap video, but we need sick lyrics to go with it. We are basically just making this parody of 99 problems Jay-Z parody, but we need sick rhymes to go with it about CAS or/and IB. Any inspiration in terms of video clip/lyrics is welcome, but we are specifically looking for the lines/verses that are going to turn this production in the best/funniest/coolest thing ever Kind Regards, Your Cringemaster
  10. Hi guys, I am doing HL Spanish, HL Economics, and HL Physics. If I get a 5 for spanish and economics, but a 2 for physics. Will I still earn the diploma? It adds up to twelve, but I am not sure that a 2 for physics would fail me for the course. Now I am not assuming this will happen, but I just want to have the situation correct in the back of my mind. Thank u (:
  11. Hello Fellow IB Students, I am a junior and I decided to take ITGS SL as a one year course at my school. There are quite a few advantages, but so far it's been pretty interesting and at times quite stressful. We did a few vocabulary tests, but we basically spent the whole of the first semester working on our IA. I would say that I don't really know any of the chapters well (except maybe chapter 1), and since I only have a semester left, the thought is kind of daunting that my IB Exam is in May. I now have a three-week winter break, and I'm planning to give myself a boost ahead. But should I be worried? I know it's not the hardest of curriculums, but it should be quite a lot to cover in a few months... Thank you!
  12. *this 1st paragraph might be irrelevant*. So, I am about to finish my 3rd week in the IB program and I realized just in time that I really shouldn't be taking Biology SL. As much as people might say it's easy, I really always had problems with nature/biology since I was small. I did manage to get a B- in Bio I last year, but the way I studied and worked was way too rigid and stupid trying to learn every single sentence by hard while not understanding what was happening during the lesson. This I recognized also during my first weeks of IB, and while I take subjects like Physics HL, Dutch HL, Math SL, Econ HL, etc. Bio was definitely my hardest class, and it shouldn't be. Initially, I choose Bio to make my Diploma look better for universities, but since I am probably going the opposite road of math/science I feel like having good grades in other classes is more important than having Bio SL take over my life. So I want to switch to ITGS, I've read the syllabus and the content is appealing to my interests. The class is now only two people, so for me a great learning environment, my parents like the idea of me doing this subject. Happy Days Right? But I am scared, at my school it is offered as a one year course only in SL, so I will have to take the IB exam as a junior at the end of the year and finish my IA sometime before May. And I already missed 2.5 weeks of the class... 6 lessons in total.... will these 6 lessons beat me in the a$$ the coming months, or should I easily catch up? Thank you so much for reading/answering, Tomorrow I am going by the office to switch courses, and as much as I am happy with the decision, I am scared also... should I be though?
  13. In a week's time, I will be starting my first year in the IBDP. Throughout the summer-break I started thinking about my interests, what I want to do in the future; and how these things can help/motivate me write a strong extended essay. Media and Journalism are two broad departments that genuinely follow my interests. I am not the type of guy standing in front of the camera, or writing biased articles in the newspapers. Though, as I said, it's a big and interesting business. I will be taking Economics HL with a teacher that I know well, and as an EE-advisor helped out my brother write a successful extended essay, and I think he would be a great advisor for me as well. I really think that Economics is a subject that I can become more interested in as I learn more of the subject during the course of the next two years (having already done some summer preparations for the class). Having already read some other forums, I know that this will annoy some people who might be willing to help me, but I have not started researching/investigating. Although I know that the combination of economics+media/journalism can provide an interesting and investigative paper, I do not know where to start. I would love to have some tips, and/or ideas/suggestions for topics (yeahhh topics would be great). What should I write about??? Thank you so much (:
  14. In 2.5 weeks time I will be starting the Full IB Diploma Programme and I am kind of nervous... I like to play Hockey (Fall) and Baseball (Spring) for my school, and hope to build a good social life. I’ve always been a C/B student, who can be slow at times and nervous, especially my first two years in high school. In middle school I was rewarded for my hard work, but in High School things have gotten harder so far and from time to time I just can’t focus, and keep myself on-task when doing homework. Though I’m keen to work hard and succeed, whilst still trying to enjoy life around me. I am taking these subjects (with my sophmore S2 grades in brackets): Math SL (78) English SL (78) Bio SL (79) Physics HL (81) Econ HL Spanish HL (84) I was wondering what the difficulties of these subjects are on a scale from 1/10, based on some of your guy’s experiences. And any tips would be more then welcome! Thank you!!!!! (: