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  1. Well. I firstly defined and explained all the variables and also the parameters (R0 value, transmission rates etc), and then I used these variables to come up with the three differential equations in the SIR model. I didn't necessarily derive the equations, I just mentioned that "With these variables in mind, the following equations are derived" and then stated and explained the equations. After that I applied those equations to the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic across three different countries and compared and contrasted their graphs. I followed a similar structure to the one IBO published on their website (Example 15) which scored really high marks, especially in criterion E (6/6) whereas mine scored 2/6 even though the math was pretty similar with the exception of the disease epidemic and data of course. I scored well in the other criterias with mostly 4's and 3's.
  2. So recently I just received feedback from my teacher regarding my firts draft for my Math IA. I got 2/6 for criteria E because apparently my IA didn't commensurate with the level of the syllabus. I found this rather surprising since previous SIR Model Math IA's have score very well in this criteria and in overall. My teacher said I need to demonstrate my level of understanding and knowledge by using differential equations in more depth..which is HL. So who is in the wrong here? My math regarding the model is correct. Will the IB moderate my IA up? And how do I talk about differential equations in more depth? I did some calculations with the equations to get the rate of change of each individual components of the model and graphed them. But that's it. And now my teacher penalized me heavily because I didn't use the right level of math. Please help me!
  3. Hi! I urgently need help in finding an article that links any government policy (fiscal or monetary) to unemployment for my macroeconomics IA! Any article from 2016 would work!
  4. So I want to do my ee on economics and I haven't created rq yet. I wanted to do the EE on microeconomics and more specifically on a soft drinks company (as I have plenty of access to the primary data) the only problem is I don't know what my reserach question should be and how it will connect to the company 😕 HELP!!
  5. Thank you for your motivation! I also hope my grades continue to improve thoughout the year and hopefully I can get a 40 by the end of ib 😂
  6. So I'm currently a Junior and my subjects at HL are: Econ, Physics and Geo whereas in SL, it's Math, English Lang&Lit and French. My mid terms just came out and I got 5, 6, 6, 7, 4, 6 respectively which kind of bummed me off since I as expecting more. The reason I got a 4 in English is because I've been getting 5's and 6's but ended up getting a 4 for my FOA which weighed more. However, I got a 6 for my WT. Anyways. do I still have a shot at getting 38 or even 40 and above? (note that the grades I posted exclude TOK and EE, but I'm aiming for 2+ points in Core). Another problem I would like to ask is that do teachers in your school also kind of discourage you in a way? For example, teachers at my school say it's nearly impossible to get a 7 and that I should be happy with my current grades. They keep on saying a 7 is very rare and they barely give 7's to anyone which makes me wonder if they'll purposely lower our predicted grades in order to avoid lower marks than the actual final grade (to be safe since teachers are always under pressure to provide accurate predicted grades).
  7. Definitely! I know some students who are struggling with econ and getting 3's and 4's while the same students get 7's in HL lit, whereas other students struggle with lit but end up getting 7's in econ. So it all depends on your strengths and interests.
  8. Okay everyone I'm now one month into Ib and my current subjects (after much thought) are: Physics HL (very very hard but I'm surviving) Economics HL Geo HL (it helps with econ since we have a whole unit based on geo-economics and industries) English A Lang/Lit SL French B SL Math SL (straight 7) Currently I feel my subjects are appropriate although i find Physics very hard. However, I've been working hard and so far I'm a 6
  9. My current Ib school doesn't provide business and my previous school (which also had IB) didn't allow us to take business and economics hl at the same time as they said the subjects are too similar.
  10. Yeah you're right but the reason I'm dropping physics sl and taking geo sl because physics doesn't really affect my career choice. I know it helps with equations and math required in Economics as stated by the other poster but geo helps more as it has a few topics regarding industries and how economics factors affect them which kind of (in a way) overlaps economics.
  11. Hey thanks for your insights. As a matter of fact I do agree with both of you on certain topics. I have decided to drop physics sl and instead take geo sl. The reason I took physics sl is because I'm quite good at physics and thought it would be an easy 7. However, statistics and further research have proven otherwise. Physics sl has a low average score (lower than physics Hl) and isn't that much different compared to Hl. Some people are even saying it's as if I'm taking 4 Hl subjects with physics sl. So I'm considering dropping out physics sl and take probably geo sl as I did it in Igcse and got an A*. I did history 3 years ago and found it very boring and monotonous. On math Hl, I agree that most UK universities require the subject, however, I plan to apply in other European universities (like Copenhagen business school or Bocconi) or american universitie which do not require Math Hl. But I'll probably end up doing business undergrad in university if economics is too math orientated. Thanks again!
  12. Hey! I'm just about to start IB in two weeks. My career inclination is related towards economics and/or business management/administration (probably somewhere related to Investment banking or Finanace). I chose: *UPDATE* Math SL French SL English Language/Literature SL Economics HL Chemistry HL Geo HL Are these subjects ideal? Is this subject combination difficult? I know for econ some universities require HL maths but everybody tells me HL math is too hard. However, I'm good at maths and have been getting 7's throughout the years except for my igcse final where I got a 6 (89-A) but since Hl math is apparently the most difficult subject, I feel like I won't perform well in it (knowing me, I can probably get a 6-7 in HL math if I try hard but while doing this, I'll most likely fail the rest of my subjects because I'll be concentrating too much on math). I would have done Business Hl but my school doesn't provide it as they believe universities have zero/little consideration for that subject.
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