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  1. wjdwlsdl1998


    Hehe so far I finished 3 IAs (English B, Geography and Math). Umm I already finished with my EE and viva voce stuff few months ago Now I have to finish business IA (85% done), ess IA (45% done), Korean A WT (30% done) and some TOK stuff (essay question 6 & presentation)!!
  2. Hi guys, I'm in IB year 2 and I'm applying to some universities in Hong Kong for early action. And um... they require my predicted score so I requested my teachers for that last week and I don't think I can get a decent scores.. I'm guessing somewhere around 29~30...maybe 31 if possible. :/ Anyways, I'm really interested in PolyU Hong Kong and I'll apply to business marketing and it's my first choice as well. I heard that PolyU doesn't really require high predicted scores (except for hotel management) and they usually accept almost everyone who takes IB diploma (I'm not sure about this btw haha).. Umm so anyone who's attending this school or got accepted before, can u guys tell me about this uni and predicted score range..? P.S. Oh and my first language is not english so I took TOEFL and got 81, and I'll submit this score as well. And also, do they require college essay? Cuz as I mentioned on the top, my scores aren't good so if I write an excellent college essay, does it help for increasing the possibility of acceptance..? Thank you so much!!!
  3. Hey guys so I'm planning to apply to Hong Kong universities (especially HK PolyU) How much predicted score should I get (minimum score) for applying PolyU business management? Cheers
  4. wjdwlsdl1998

    Math IA survey (still need more data)

    Thank you!
  5. Hi guys, I'm doing a vehicle preference survey for my math IA. I still need more data so please do my survey It's a simple survey so feel free to do it (plz do not skip any of the question) Thank you! just click the link below https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DRZPVQK

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