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  1. I agree, I don't think having 4 HL's would be ideal, but many of the people I know said Econ HL is only like 2 more extra topics and they have one more exam which is completely math (which I'm fairly good at) But I guess if any subject does become difficult I will drop. Yes, the subjects I take at HL, I also currently take and I'm doing well in them! (Except, I don't take economics this year and I never have)
  2. Yeah, but I'm currently taking Physics and it's one of my favorite subjects and I'm doing really well. So I thought I'd do it at HL, but thank you for the useful information!
  3. Yeah, this is why I'm trying to see what universities require. Though, some US universities don't really make it clear to what is required, so it becomes difficult. Again, thank you!
  4. Hey! I'm also in the same situation! I guess what I'd have to say is that you should take subjects that you are interested in as those would be the ones you'd do best in. For the majority of the engineering programs, you'd need Physics at HL and Math HL (Math HL is very tough, though, and only competitive universities require it, otherwise you can do Math at SL.
  5. A lot of the programs require physics and chemistry and math mainly, and I haven't encountered any major that really requires biology. I still think that there may be some university classes I can take to make up credit for it. Anyways, about the 4 HL's, I was actually thinking of keeping Econ as there isn't a big jump from Econ SL to HL, but I have it there in case I drop any other HL I have. Thank you, though!
  6. Hello! I'm a tenth-grade student planning on doing the IBDP for my junior and senior year. As we are beginning our second semester soon, we are required to pick out our subjects for IB. I had a couple of concerns as when I told people about the subjects I'm intending to take, they said I would face a hard time. I'm hoping to study engineering at university, hopefully, either chemical and biomolecular engineering. I'm also hoping to get into a top university as it would help me so much! The subjects I'm planning on doing are; -Physics HL -Math HL -Chemistry HL -Economics HL -English A Lit SL -Arabic B SL As you can see I really don't want to spend time on languages and I clearly want to focus on sciences and maths. If you have any concerns or advice I could use, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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