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  1. Thank you so much for the helpful advice! Spanish was my first language so I think the only killer for me is getting vocabulary down. Me and my favorite teacher (she has two masters in art omg) were discussing colleges today and there's a college fair I'm planning to attend in a few weeks 😋😋😋 Hopefully I'll be able to get into the grind well and have an okay transition. When you started the IB how did you get used to the workload and studying more than before?
  2. I'll take you up on that advice! This seems unreal but I'll give you the benifit of the doubt 😋 thank you very much!
  3. Thank you very much for the advice. I got a planner and calendar to keep me up with my assignments 😋 Yeah, I've been trying to develop good habits now before the storm hits 😂 Hopefully my school ends up doing something like your CAS system, there is this service program in my HS and its every Saturday (you get 8 hours 😁).
  4. Ah! Well good to know! I always wonder how prestigious different IB schools are around the world.
  5. Bless your lovely soul! Our sophomore year of high school our English teachers really hammered us with essays and were practically the definition of grammar-Nazis so I'm good with a massive amount of writing. Yeah I tend to revise at least 30 minutes a day when it comes to Mathematics, just because although good at math it makes me slightly anxious. I tend to go online and find worksheets with the answers in them so I could make sure I'm doing things right. If not, my teacher stays everyday after school and helps me out I was suppose to do French as my language B but I transferred to a different school freshmen year and switched to Spanish. I'm fluent in the language so I don't think I'm really going to struggle with the course. I speak it at home all the time and whenever confused my teacher offers a bit of tutoring after school which is lovely. Yeah, my TOK teacher was one of my freshmen teachers so ever thing is well! I already had some weekly reflections so I'm kind of getting used to the vibes. We mediate either 5-15 minutes at least two times a week which is awesome. Yeah, my teacher has already warned us about how he will only provide what we need to know and from that he'll let us figure out on our own. He's quite sassy so loving him thus far (let's see when the workload hits lol). My school has loads of activities and programs, top ones are Build-on and Columbia College after school ( prestigious art school in Chicago). They both have LOADS of activities of service that they do every Saturday as well as throughout the week so I don't think It'll be hard to work into my schedule THANKS LOADS FOR THE ADVICE! Question: Where are you from and how dedicated is your school to the IB?
  6. I chose the IB because personally I love to go into depth into things and getting really into subjects. When I was little I would research everything I wanted to know about little assignments in class. I would go out to the library and reads loads of books and stuff so elementary wasn't that hard. Plus, IB is fairly small in my school so the support system from the staff is great and they all are very dedicated. Yeah I haven't procrastinated yet and I'm rooting it continues as so Yeah our CAS coordinator is coming in this week to explain what the requirements really are so I can start in the next two weeks. According to the past juniors, they managed to finalize everything before the beginning of classes this year so I think I'll be okay
  7. Yes, my school told us that we don't have a "limit" but that 150 hours in between the three categories should be the least we do. But they want us to do it every week and create something likes journal to keep all the info and evidence you went
  8. So after completing the MYP program last year I'm finally being introduced to the IB program. I don't know anyone personally well who has done the IB and some advice would be great! I personally love school and academics, only it does sometimes give me bad anxiety half way through the year. These are my classes: Psychology HL Spanish SL TOK Language an Literature HL Environmental Science and Systems SL History HL Mathematics SL Some studying, organization, and supply advice would be great. Any links that personally help you would be nice as well as advice on how to deal with stress OH! As well as how to handle CAS and your whole workload, since they aren't giving us a limit on how many hours we need. Thanks loads if you do respond
  9. So I ended up choosing History HL I've always been into history especially the major wars which the first year we're going to focus on. I was going to ditch it, but I'm not as confident in art as I am in history. Plus, it requires loads of time to plan out and sketch out loads of ideas and that's one thing I need to spend well. Thanks loads for the reply, it helped me ease off the decision I literally made like 8 hours ago.
  10. Hello! So I'm starting my first year of IB this year and there were mistakes made in my schedule. Due to this mix up and the number of classes available for TOK resulted in me not having it in my schedule at all. I sat down with my teachers and was told that I had to drop a HL class to balance out my schedule and make 3rd period available for TOK. Our school has four years of IB classes running for the first time so that's why there isn't loads of classes available for each subject and if you are from Chicago you know about the budget cuts, firing of teachers, and cut of supplies. Some advice would be great! My schedule at the moment (1-8 period): HL PSYCHOLOGY SL SPANISH LUNCH HL ART HL LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE SL ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE HL HISTORY SL MATHEMATICS Due to some teachers only having one period for juniors, the only classes I could change are art and history There isn't another class available during first period Please elaborate as to why I should take the class if you do respond OH! As well as what would recommend doing so I could succeed in the course THANK YOU!
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