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  1. kw0573 just said that some HL only means certain topics are both for HL and SL, except that they are presented together and not all of it is to be covered by SL students.
  2. Optionally you may self teach yourself from the Math HL haese book. You also need to know which HL option your school will order for you - there is a separate Haese document for that. Search up something like 150 ib textbook database reddit to get the book free online. The haese book itself is insufficient because it should be completed within a year, so search up the syllabus and see what you need.
  3. Can someone tell me what the Canadian standard for French is .-. Please. I need to know what I am going to be up against. Other than immersing myself in French movies etc, what had you already done by the end of IB1?
  4. Stop worrying. For language A, take the language that you are best at. If you have learned Egyptian all your life - take that. If you have learned Arabic all your life - take that. For language B it does not matter whether or not it is your first language. In Australia, for language B I do French and it would not matter if I were French. Simply put, you need to already be better at your language A than at your language B. If you want to study in a western country, English B is preferable because it may be easier for you to gain entry as well as study in English, but you should have studied English before for at least 2 years. However you should take whatever languages you want for A and B as long as you're good at them. I am not saying you have to take English. Take Arabic if it suits you. For ab initio which replaces language b however, you are not allowed to do a language you have already studied before.
  5. I haven't done any real internal assessments yet but as far as I know you need an article to analyse? The new classical model seems to be more useful than the Keynesian model since it is easier to consider multiple factors. You should know this already - we learned this about 10 weeks ago. Check out the Cambridge Economics book (find it free online if you want).
  6. Well you haven't told us which universities you want to get into. Foreign or at home? Take only your first language as Language A. You will not be able to do French A because it's a native-level subject. French will mainly help you if you want to go to a university in Europe, or in particular, France. And French AB initio is only available as SL. English B is preferable if you want to go to a western country.
  7. Yup as Nomenclature said, ab initio is preferable, and do talk to your teacher. B-level subjects are not good for language starting, and to me it seems that you did not do French before, is that right? I did French for the 3 years of highschool before IB1 and it requires building up knowledge. Just to let you know where you might need to be at, before IB1 I understood the past tense, imperfect and future simple quite well. I've found that these three are foundations for some new tenses as you literally mix and match and IB1 so far was quite easy-going. Most of the time we merely learn about informal and formal text-structures, for example a journal entry, letter to an official etc. Our teacher also speaks in French but at least half of the time it is understandable. It's our responsibility to immerse ourselves in French. Edit: It seems to be substantially more difficult for francophone countries. What are you being told to learn in your class?
  8. Okay there is not much else I can say. IB doesn't allow so many HLs because everyone does 3HLs + 3 SLs. You are putting yourself at a disadvantage when you do not need to be, as much as you may love all these subjects. If it's a matter of teachers, you might consider staying in the HL class and doing the SL exam at the end - this also means you will only have to do SL IAs.
  9. You're taking Math HL right? In a Maths degree you only do maths right? I don't know what else Oxford expects you to do - try research/contact them.
  10. Print off any official ib sources and plant it in her face! IB promotes open-mindedness though your coordinator doesn't.
  11. Present on one really important literary technique and what theme it contributes to in one of the books. Find something interesting to you that has plenty of evidence, and approach it in a different way to your classmates.
  12. Then just swap your Theatre course with one of your hl subjects.
  13. no
  14. Yah ultimately you will just do better that other people in SL exams, having HL knowledge
  15. Overall it's good on the basis that you want to do or are interested in the subjects you're taking. It's very important to not have motivational problems. And I don't think it's possible to do three sciences - in my school it's not allowed. If it's not allowed, universities won't roast you for it, right? Even better that you like Chem and Bio because on some other website it says you do need them at HL for Medicine in Europe. And Chem is a more logical choice than Physics, for Medicine.