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  1. Do n o t d o 4 H L u n l e s s your life depends on it. You may find that your life depends on dropping one of those HLs Easiest thing to do is get the e-textbooks for all your subjects and just read through them whenever you have time. You will obviously want to find practice test papers and worksheets, perhaps from your school, when you finish reading a chapter. search up "150 ib massive textbooks database reddit". Go through the templar knights URL. Math SL is ridiculously straightforward to prepare for I believe, just go through the Haese textbook/
  2. What's the first equation in the markscheemmmememememe
  3. That is a pity. You will have to search up "massive ib 150+ textbook database reddit". Navigate to the templar knights URL and look through the IB textbook. The cambridge one is good. MORE IMPORTANTLY: find the course outline and syllabus for IB economics. idk where it is but u might find it online
  4. Remember to explain learning outcomes. Ask your school IB coordinator for the process of CAS submission. Ask about managebac, do you use it? I do: 1. Badminton (completed for 10 weeks) - action 2. Captain of a school Club (If it's this good, than you can call it a CAS PROJECT like your bake sale) - creativity, service 3. Captain of another club - creativity, service 4. Debating - creativity 5. First Aid learning - service 6. Peer support (helping out year 8s) - service 7. student leader - creativity, service 8. school campus tour leader - creativity, service I plan to add a few more before the end of year. I will not continue cas into yr 12.
  5. [Edit: It seems I didn't read the title properly.] In French B SL at the moment we are just bringing the slowpokes in my class up to date, even though it's half way to the end of the year . For me it's been easygoing, and this year the tenses we learned include the plus-que parfait, conditionnel, conditionnel passe and futur anterieur - I suppose you lucky francophones would've already learned this in primary school. Personally I find it irritating the way the class progresses - it may just be my class, because my written French really has not advanced since Year 10. Other than the few tenses we rushed in a few weeks, we've been focussing on formal and informal texts, such as the diary, letter to some official on some topic, and also writing a speech. Obviously we do class-discussion orals though I'm terrible at spoken french Our learning has been foccused around the core-topics, and also 2 topics that the class can choose. So far we chose Multiculturalism so that means learning the vocab for it, as well as the ideas and arguments to use. If anyone else will reply to this, I would also like to ask what else there is that we have to cover as we go into Year 12?
  6. Hey That Cambridge textbook is quite good, by Ellie Tragakes right? Just read through the chapters one by one. Cover the introductory chapter and move into Microeconomics, cover competitive markets: demand and supply. If you do all that and you're still confident going through it by yourself, cover Elasticities. Remember to answer all the questions in your own notebook, and NOT in your head. Remember that the only thing you should be memorising is the definitions of a particular concept, like this one: "Supply is the quantity of goods and services that producers are willing and able to supply." - do not try to memorise the whole chapter. It's all about just understanding the concept. Take notes of everything though, it will help you internalise what you've learned. I find it very easy - and though the textbook is good, I learn everything only by paying attention in class and taking lots of notes. Ignore the HL data stuff, but pay detailed attention to how to draw good diagrams, diagrams are ESSENTIAL to all your essays. Do note that my teachers say that the gap between Economics SL and HL is not much! If you like it, go for HL because the maths is at Math Studies level I believe. edit: okay im 1 year too late goddamnit
  7. I have not taken computer sciences, though I do plan on taking Economics HL next year. My teachers, and many other fellow students say that the gap between SL and HL in Economics is not huge. From my experience of Economics, I would recommend you to consider it because personally, I find it very easy like a fair number of students. There are good textbooks. Search up Massive ib 150+ textbooks reddit, and look through the (detailed) Cambridge Economics HL book. Economics is all about understanding the concept, and applying it into an essay accompanied with a good diagram as diagrams are very important. You do need to be able to write concise essays, as that shows a strong understanding of the concept, and this also means that you do not need to be memorising every word. I pit my fellow classmates who memorise truckloads in Psychology But, if you are interested in Computer science, take it! You want to be doing a subject you know you enjoy, if it will at least make it easier for you to do your other harder subjects. [EDIT: Don't worry that you've never done Economics before. No one in my school did either, but even the textbook I mentioned has an introductory chapter. It's not really a problem.]
  8. Hi everyone, I know this is quite a repeated topic, but I take Math HL and I'm interested in how much harder it will get. So far, we have finished polynomial equations, sequences and series, functions, logarithms, complex numbers and we're starting differential calculus. I'm in my first year of IB, and I find the pace of work really easy. I don't do any homework, and I revise before the tests and exam. That said, while I average a 7 in tests, I only received 65% (5) for my semester exam. So far, logarithms was probably the hardest because I didn't have any practice with the more complex questions I looked over the Math SL paper and it seems far more doable compared the HL papers where they have strange names of people I've never heard of. Next year I will take Chem HL, Economics HL, French B SL, English A SL, and it's either Physics HL or Maths HL. While I am mildly annoyed by Physics because while I'd be able to get a 7 with more practice (I do very little), I can barely achieve a 6. So to those who are continuing Math HL into the second year, how much harder is it really? Thank you.
  9. I haven't finished Y1, but... I'd first ask you how you'd want to explore Bitcoin. As a whole it's a very big topic.
  10. BANNED BECAUSE U DIDNT BAN THEM PLZ i mean ban them properly
  11. Banned because honestly, u hvnt stopped them all from flooding my inbox legit iv been 2 busy to spend some time to unsubscribe ASFGHD AR OFDSGI JS IFAplz
  12. Is there any detailed information regarding the IB marking scheme? I understand that the marking is done overseas but what else is there to know? If I was to do French SL instead of Spanish Ab Initio, would I be marked at the native speaking SL French standard, especially as the French from France may take the SL choice?
  13. Hmm, that's not quite what I wanted to understand. The site does, however, mention that the imperfect tense of avoir and etre is more widely used than that of the past tense. Why is this?
  14. Dear French People, What is the fine line that separates the usage of il y a eu and il y avait? Apparently it is preferable to use the imperfect tense in cases like this according to my teacher, but we don't know what separates it. Thanks.
  15. subject choice

    Are the History and Business subjects compulsory for entry into those universities? History may interest you but it has little to do with those jobs, and the Business subject like OP states sounds like something soft, which I believe you could do as an external course after High school. Economics seems a more sensible choice whilst discarding the other two, it will keep your options open for an MBA; Economics has value. Lol. Now about English and Spanish. You want to keep your options open for an MBA but if you just wanted Neurobiology, I'd have advised you to take Spanish A. Yet, we have to keep in mind the university requirements so English A should be desirable. Perhaps downgrade Spanish A to Spanish B, you can do this subject with just some effort depending on your fluency and that way your workload will be improved for taking the harder subjects. Take Biology and Chemistry HL. These two will both be a pain in the neck but if you believe you want to pursue the medical sciences, it's the way to go. So that's 3 HLs and 3 SLs. You don't want to take 5 HLs if you believe you'll have too much time in Year 11 and 12 because that would be a flawed thought. Biology HL. Chemistry HL. English A. (I would choose SL.) Spanish B. (I would choose HL.) Economics SL. Maths SL. It's a fairly average diploma but it is optimal for getting over that 40 hurdle. Don't make it harder than you need, the magic 7 is a very important thing. [Just check for yourself that these subjects are acceptable for your courses at those Universities.] Also think about kw0573 HL economics suggestion, 'cos I personally wouldn't mind doing both languages at SL Hope I've helped and good luck!