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  1. As far as I know, you can not self-teach a Language B subject; however, you may be able to register for the exam if you can enrol in the german B course of your/another IB school. But as you are taking exams this May, you have probably already been registered for the diploma with the IB and hence would not be able to change the subject. Also, as you've been doing french for so long, it might be better to stick with the course. In what aspects of the course are you struggling? One of the papers or the orals? If you tell me where you're having issues, I can give you some tips to improve, as I've been doing quite well in and enjoying my Spanish HL course.
  2. Adding to what @Nomenclature said, it is indeed helpful to state the prescribed title (the one you choose from questions 1-6) at the top of your essay. This does not count in the word limit. However, any other knowledge questions you are discussing related to your prescribed title can be implied rather than stated explicitly.
  3. I guess it depends on the topic, though examiners do like to see a variety of sources e.g. online newspaper, online magazine, video, movie etc. So if you can find relevant soirces in a different format that could help your grade. Else you need to ensure that you demonstrate variety through the style and range of opinions in your articles.
  4. You can use external libraries in your IA, provided you refer them in the Development section (Criterion C) and explain why you used them (e.g. efficiency, reduced complexity of code). The look of the website might matter, as you create a video of your product for the final submission, but I'd focus on the functionality first, unless you have one of the success criteria relating to the visual polish of the website.
  5. Don't worry themthem, many IA topics are repeated by students all around the world, often without the students even realising how common they are. On the one hand, this is natural due to the constraints/requirements of the tasks, and secondly, the way you are going to solve your client's problem is likely to look different from the way another student solved theirs. As long as you don't copy, you should be fine. And for the example I sent you, that was made in Java on Android Studio, so that already sets your IA apart from it.
  6. Are you thinking of a mobile, desktop or web-based application? All three options should be fine, provided you can find/have a suitable client e.g. CAS coordinator. Actually someone scored very well on this topic, and their IA is available on the following page, if you want some inspiration: I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions just ask, as I'm also taking computer science and I'm working on my IA right now (doing an Android quiz app).
  7. Yeah, it can be quite stressful/frustrating when you don't here back from your unis within a short time span, as you start to doubt yourself. But considering you have fairly "normal" subject choices, I don't think your unis would care too much about your grades. Provided they think you'll do well in their course, they should be willing to accept you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well!
  8. Actually, many univerisities in the Netherlands only want you to pass the 'IB' as an entry requirement, and the IB programme in general is regarded quite highly. I think you stand a good chance of getting in with your grades, provided you could demonstrate that you are interested in your specific subject and motivated as a student. The last two aspects may be more important than your overall IB score, as universities in the Netherlands typically want you to complete your degree in the specified time - they need to carry part of the costs if you need longer than the regular time + one term/year. Therefore, as long as you meet the requirements for the courses you applied to, you will porbably be fine.
  9. We really can't make subject choices for you, as we don't know your personal interests and aptitudes nor the quality of your teachers at school. Nevertheless, I'll give you a few points to keep in mind when deciding which of the subjects mentioned above you want to take. As you love languages I would definitely suggest that you take either French or Mandarin. As you already seem to have a bit of experience with French, this will most likely be the easier option for you. I have a friend who takes French ab initio with Pamoja and she said that even though the quality of the Pamoja courses isn't very good, she enjoys the course because she already has a bit of prior experience. So if you love languages, go for it! But do keep in mind that the quality of instruction at Pamoja is probably not as good as at your school (if your teachers are semi-decent that is). Or at least that's what I feel taking business management online with Pamoja. As to whether you should take Math or English at HL is a difficult decision, I ultimately ended up taking both alongside Spanish HL and Geography HL. Do you enjoy problem-solving and logical puzzles? Do you like playing with numbers? Then Math HL is for you. Do you love reading? Or are you passionate about literature and writing? Then go for English. Or you could also try out both (all schools need to let you change your subjects within 2 weeks of starting the IB if this is possible with the scheduling) and decide later. In the end it is up to you. You probably know which subject you enjoy more and which has a better teacher at your school (trust me, the last factor can influence whether you love or hate your IB classes). As for the similarity to the AP classes I can't really help you, but maybe another user can give you more advice on that.
  10. It used to be 150 words max (until 2015, I think), which is why it says that in the old teacher support material. But now, according to the new 2015 syllabus it is 150-250 words for HL and 100-150 words for SL.
  11. As far as I know, you can cancel/be withdrawn from an exam at any time. I'm just not sure whether you would get a refund of the fee -that depends on the registration deadlines, I believe.
  12. I know my response is kinda late, but thankks very much. Your explanation really helped; I just forgot to reply in november.
  13. I have heard many recommendations against this topic as a math IA due its relative simplicity and lack of content from the SL syllabus. Therefore, you might be better off finding a different topic. However, if you do decide to follow through on this topic, you might be able to do something related to series and more complex probability distributions (e.g. likelihood of it being profitable for the xth level.) Though you'd have to see how you could get data for this.
  14. This can be a good backup if the location of your business is likely to influence the number of customers (e.g. a shop, location-based service) and if you can analyse this aspect in sufficient depth (e.g. multiple locations) to fill the word count. However this might be less suitable if the business is less reliant on location for its customers, and say, only or predominantly for administrative tasks/logistic
  15. The new (2019) course in SL geography covers a number of core topics: Populations in Transition (population growth, ageing populations, carrying capacity) Global resource consumption and security Glibal climate change Additionally, you cover 2 different options from a choice of 7. Freshwater Oceans Extreme environments Hazards and disasters Urban environments Leisure, sports and tourism Food and healthh. You can check this link from the IBO for more details: