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  1. Those 2 extra HLs are most likely certificate courses that doesn't count in final DP points.
  2. I definitely recommend diving into some addictive German entertainment sources, such as Downfall parodies. Of course, the subtitles are completely off (and that's the whole point), but while I was watching it for 2 months straight (procrastination at its best) I definitely picked up a lot of German phrases and listening to German basically all day really helps you. Memes and internet can be pretty useful in learning languages because ultimately it's all about the culture. I don't even take German but I can speak a bit now lol thanks to those parodies
  3. Yeah that KQ is good, it's generic. Not sure whether it correctly conveys your RLS though. Maybe use "emotions" instead of "reason"?
  4. By school do you mean high schools or universities?
  5. Those words are not as explicit but still also quite AOK specific. Try more generic words; what I normally do is write up a bunch of synonyms and pick a completely unrelated AOK (i.e. mathematics) and see if each of those words make sense in that context as well. Hope it helps!
  6. All other subjects have their own forums or at least sub-forums, but haven't found any for Global politics. Any GP students here? I'm going to be self studying it for my last year, will be great if I can find some cohorts
  7. To be honest everyone in my school wrote the program first then documented. We made up everything in Record of Tasks form lol
  8. Are you in year 1 or 2? If you're in year 1 that's not even a problem.
  9. I ain't a TOK expert but one thing I'm gonna say is that take out "human science" because it makes the question a specific question that is not a KQ (KQs should be addressable in any AOK)
  10. Hi y'all, I'm wondering how the predicted grades work for the EA/ED. I want to apply to at least 1-2 schools for non-restrictive Early Action, but my grades 9-11 has been pretty bad, but I've been improving every year so I have to include my grade 12 grades somehow to my applications. So my question is: - When do PGs become available? Can they be sent by Nov. 1st? (the EA deadline) My GC said that they can submit a temporary PG by Nov 1 and submit an official fall PG in mid-November, but if that's the case, are the unis gonna care much if the initial one is bad? I moved school for grade 12 (Ik it sucks, I kinda had to) and I don't know how much the teachers will get to know me for the first 2 months.
  11. I'm starting my extended essay and I want to do something about chemistry (but not biochem, since I don't take biology) or physics For chem, I came up with 2 possible topics: Determining acidity levels of different fruits (or same fruits produced in different places) Verifying “real fruit” statements on juices by analyzing both the juice and the fruit they’re claiming to use For physics, I came up with 3 topics: How does the injection of HHO in the mechanical engine improve its efficiency? Hydrostatic pressure in different heights from the ground Concentration vs refraction Are these doable? I'm in first year for both courses and will take HL next year, but I don't feel like I've learned much so far. I'm leaning more towards chem (more for a teacher-hunting purpose), but I'll have to do physics if those topics are undoable. Thank you
  12. I know someone has done their extended essay on internet security. I was also thinking about doing a compsci EE (but probably won't), one of the topics I came across was "Analyzing the efficiencies of different algorithms performing the same task". I hope that helps.
  13. I'm starting my computer science SL dossier soon and not sure what I want to school's computer science quality is super low so all we're taught is some java programming, we don't cover databases etc. I love compsci, and I do a lot of programming outside class. I can make animated games and programs. What should I do for my dossier? Someone give me some fun idea
  14. I don't take bio but I've heard bio HL is a lot of "work" (like memorizing stuff rather than understanding). Humanities HL is pretty much the same as SL. If you're aiming for "easier" schedule, take Lang/lit HL.
  15. God exists, as we can "know" it through faith, one of the "ways of knowledge". The TOK textbook I use at my school outlines "faith" as "knowing without proof". Faith extends material world and is a different form of WOK, which explains how it can be understood without "proofs" and "evidences" that we'd need for anything that happens predictably. Existence of God has never been falsified. A theory not falsified is considered valid. I believe God exists. There have been many times in my life where "impossible" things happened. If we rely 100% on what we know from our experiences and logics, how can we explain such "unexplainable" and "impossible" things? What about perfect coincidences that makes everything work out perfectly? There is obviously someone behind all this. God controls everything. Not everything will work the way we wanted. If God would listen to ALL OUR PRAYERS, He wouldn't be God. That way we'd be the god and He'd be like a genie. We can ask for whatever we want. But it's up to God whether He'll let it happen, just as it's up to our parents whether they want to buy us something we want etc. The main difference between God and a human parent, though, is the fact that God knows the future (in fact I believe he plans it too!) so he won't make any mistakes that a human parent would make. If God exists, why would He let all the war conflicts and other horrible things to happen? Well, light cannot be seen, appreciated, or even exist without darkness. I think God exists. This is what I think. You don't have to agree with me, but this is what I believe to be true.