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  1. I got bit too excited for paper 1, and I think that made it not as good as it could have been. Paper 2 was the most beautiful thing I've seen in HL math. My paper 3 option was discrete, and that was a bit of a disaster...my weak topics were on it, there were 5 questions instead of usual 4, and I ran out of time and knowledge.
  2. Do I need to include background information on my IA? My topic is weird, I think it's cool but apparently no one else does since I can't find a single research or even a single web page talking about it. My topic is investigating the relationship between the number of magnets with same pole facing the ferromagnetic sphere in a configuration of a ferromagnetic sphere surrounded by multiple magnets and the magnitude of resultant magnetic field as measured from the ferromagnetic sphere. If you can think of some other research/investigation about this topic please let me know! If not, do I still need a background information section? My entire analysis had some vectors, trig, and some creative thinking trying to create the most reasonable set of independent and dependent variables for graphing. I ended up with the independent variable being the magnitude of the difference of the magnitudes of the combined field strength and the dependent variable being the magnitude of the measured resultant magnetic field strength. Please help!!!! My final draft is due this coming Monday, do I need a background info section or no?
  3. Apparently the page limit is 12 pages including title page, table of contents, and bibliography. I don't have the first two yet, some of my analyses are only in point forms (so might become longer) and already at 13 pages. Can I reduce margins to fit under page limit?
  4. @12345e Choose any topic, but by yourself! Tbh I was inspired from this forum (analyzing fruit juices) and I don't really like it because I actually like inorganic chemistry more than organic. As long as you choose your own original topic you won't feel bad on anything and not regret anything.
  5. I'm doing a science EE (already regret it), in chemistry. I'm doing a lab comparing the ascorbic acid and glucose levels between commercial and actual orange juices. (except the experiment on glucose ended up NOT WORKING AT ALL). I structured this like a regular lab report, and including everything (data, equations) I have barely over 2200 words, which probably means that excluding things that don't go in the final word count I might have ~2000. (my aim is 3000-3500 words) How can I make up the extra 1000 to 1500 words? I just have no idea how to do this, this isn't English or social science paper so I can't BS to the word count. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. OP I think you are highly mistaken about the main thing...Canada does NOT care about IB (some U.S. schools care, however). I'm in Canada and I take IB, and all universities I apply to in Canada will only take my Ontario percentage. Some universities (i.e. UBC) will also accept the IB grade, but other schools (i.e. U of T) don't care about IB at all, let alone HL or SL.
  7. Those 2 extra HLs are most likely certificate courses that doesn't count in final DP points.
  8. I definitely recommend diving into some addictive German entertainment sources, such as Downfall parodies. Of course, the subtitles are completely off (and that's the whole point), but while I was watching it for 2 months straight (procrastination at its best) I definitely picked up a lot of German phrases and listening to German basically all day really helps you. Memes and internet can be pretty useful in learning languages because ultimately it's all about the culture. I don't even take German but I can speak a bit now lol thanks to those parodies
  9. Yeah that KQ is good, it's generic. Not sure whether it correctly conveys your RLS though. Maybe use "emotions" instead of "reason"?
  10. By school do you mean high schools or universities?
  11. Those words are not as explicit but still also quite AOK specific. Try more generic words; what I normally do is write up a bunch of synonyms and pick a completely unrelated AOK (i.e. mathematics) and see if each of those words make sense in that context as well. Hope it helps!
  12. All other subjects have their own forums or at least sub-forums, but haven't found any for Global politics. Any GP students here? I'm going to be self studying it for my last year, will be great if I can find some cohorts
  13. To be honest everyone in my school wrote the program first then documented. We made up everything in Record of Tasks form lol
  14. Are you in year 1 or 2? If you're in year 1 that's not even a problem.
  15. I ain't a TOK expert but one thing I'm gonna say is that take out "human science" because it makes the question a specific question that is not a KQ (KQs should be addressable in any AOK)
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