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  1. what's the passing grade for HL and SL?
  2. Hi Im future IB examer in 2018.btw when do you guys first get PRE-IB score for applying UNI?
  3. Hi I am also looking for help in applying Uni. But your case is bit easy because Seoul national uni accept IB but in my case, I do Hospitality which means it is rare major to apply. Can I ask your email?
  4. Hi everyone I am Li and I just started IB! I am english learner and I've been studied in International school as an english learner! I'm really bad at english because I've been in english based school only one year. I chose English B HL Korean HL ( I think I'm fluent) Art HL ( the reason I chose bc I think it relates to my future major, but teacher is su*k...) History SL ( I am bad at english but I like history should I have to keep going? once I scan book, I'm confused sometimes) math Studies Biology SL My major is Hospitality and I'm willing to go Switzerland or Austrailia, I am going to apply uni with IB english score instead of SAT or TOEFL. I think english is the only neccessary subs to apply school.. As CAS where do you guys do voluntary works to fill up CAS hours? Can anyone give advices how to survive IB because I really bad at english...