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  1. Hello IBS, So, I recently got my grade breakdown. I found that in the following subjects I was close to the higher boundary: French B SL - 1 mark away from a 7. TOK - 2 marks away from an A. I'd really like some perspective based on whether I should remark these two subjects. While French is a language it's still pretty objective based on the way it is marked, so I'm not sure how much that can help. With TOK, I was predicted an A by my teacher but I'm not so sure I deserve it. I mean, I'm hesitating to remark only because it's so much money, so I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me. Anyone with previous experience with remarking? What do you think?
  2. Hello guys. These are my SAT II scores. Unfortunately I won't be able to retake any of them because the deadline has passed and when I did try to sign up for them on the 21st, there weren't any places in my city. Biology 800 Math Level 1 770 Chemistry 710 Most of my universities strongly recommend 3 SAT subject tests. Should I send all three or just send my top 2 (Biology and Math)? I know I can do better in Chemistry (I messed up with timing in the exam and wasn't able to finish) which is why I'm reluctant to send that score. Oh, and I'm applying to Biology at: Cornell Johns Hopkins University of Chicago Stanford Boston University Columbia These are my SATs: CR: 660 M: 800 W: 750 Total = 2210 General advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, what do you think my chances are at getting into these places. I have quite a strong extracurricular record: e.g. MUN, President of Student Council, Volunteering at Hospital and quite a few others. I also think my essay for CommonApp is quite strong; I wouldn't say its amazing but quite good. Please tell me what you think guys
  3. Well you can either phrase your title as a general statement or as a research question. I prefer using the general style, myself, however in my opinion, the research style allows you to be more direct. How about: "An examination of the treatment of nature in X and Y by A and B". I know it's not exactly specific but if you look at some exemplar material, not all the titles are. What's the most important in my opinion is explaining exactly what the essay will be about in the introduction, so that's where you need to be exact. To help, write the essay first, then finding a title will be easier. Good luck
  4. OP, follow Sandwich's advice, it's really good. I can offer insight into the text as I've read The Kite Runner. Loyalty and Betrayal are big themes in the novel, but you want to make sure that when discussing these themes, you make reference to the literary devices used Khaled Hosseini to convey them. It's important that you don't get too wrapped up with the themes and that you are able to comment sufficiently on the literature itself. My advice would be to go through the novel, jotting down potential points to make in your essay. Like what Sandwich said, if you find that you have enough to say, then go with it. If you have too much to say, then you can eventually narrow your question down. Good luck!
  5. Is that all you're confused about ? Well, at my school, we are certainly allowed to use our parents'/relatives'/friends/ businesses as the real life business in our IAs. In fact, we're encouraged to do so because it means that it'll be easier for us to get primary research done. Unless your school prohibits you from doing so, go for it!
  6. Hello IBS I've been having lots of difficulties formulating a question for my EE. I know for sure that I'm doing it on The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. My first question was: In what ways does Cormac McCarthy explore varying traits of the feminine through the portrayal of female characters in the novel The Road? but I realized that was stupid, superficial and didn't have any substance. I've come up with a couple of new questions, and I'd like to know what you think. Here it is: Question 1) How does Cormac McCarthy use dreams to foreshadow the demise of the father in The Road? Is "foreshadowing" too typical of a concept to focus on? From the two other students I know doing an EE in English, their titles have something to do with foreshadowing... Question 2) How does Cormac McCarthy use dreams as a tool to highlight hope and strength of the human condition? Which do you think carries more significance and is a better option? Any advice would be appreciated...
  7. I've entered the IB thinking that I wanted to study Medicine and become a doctor. I've done some experience and I realize, it's not for me. The problem is: I think I want to do Architecture/Engineering but I'm a year into the IB program with the subjects Bio, Chem, Business at HL and Math, French and Eng at SL. It's too late to take different subjects, but for all the universities I've checked out, I need Physics and/or Math at HL. Does anyone know any universities in Canada/England/America that might take me in for architecture/engineering if I get high grades in the SAT. Also, would taking Physics as a subject test in the SAT mean I could apply to the US for engineering. Overall, I'm very confused, and don't know what to do. I don't want so spend the rest of my life practicing something I don't have passion for...
  8. Look at the first couple of pages. There you can find some really good information on a method called 'finite differences' that will allow you to reach the expression. Good luck
  9. I got a question: What defines a shape as being stellar? Does it have to have a certain number of vertices or something? If someone could provide a site where I can read more about this, I'd be very appreciative
  10. Hello IBS. Well I've been asked by my school to select a final subject for my EE in english A1, so i was wondering whether the picture of Dorian gray (by oscar wilde) would be appropriate to use? Has anyone read it? I really want a text in which I can dig deeper and analyse thoroughly.
  11. Taigan

    School Paper

    Hello IBS, I'll be writing in the science section for my school paper and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of possible topics I could write about that could be interesting? Or maybe experiments I could carry out and write about e.g. How to make a CO2 rocket. Basically, interesting things people would want to read about. The help would REALLY be appreciated.
  12. Well the reason for this I think is because in places further away from the Middle East, where Islam is much more concentrated, it is actually much more difficult to practice the religion. You don't find mosques nearby, and traveling to the Middle East to do Hajj (in Mecca; all Muslims have to do it at least once) is costly so people tend to put it off. And so by living in these more Western cultures causes you to in effect, be "americanized". Also, about your friend, I definitely understand her defensiveness. Look at the media and see how much Muslims are being attacked, how can she not feel any insecurity when this is happening (and is also more apparent in Australia then it would be in, say, Asia)?
  13. As of right now, you don't need to be doing anything, you've still got so much time. If you would like some books to read to get interested in the topic, here is a link to a list of stuff to get started: http://ukmedicalstudent.webs.com/recommendedbooks.htm Also, if you start volunteering at charity shops or maybe start some shadowing, then you'd be doing great Good Luck
  14. Thanks for your help Actually no, we've all been required to select the subjects we want to write the EE in. This week, we've started to get together with our supervisors to talk about ideas. The writing hasn't come yet, but we have had a couple of workshops.
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