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  1. What are the factors that cause the production of knowledge to be difficult? Define difficult Does anyone have ideas on this? Any suggestions/thoughts? Any other comments are truly welcomed!
  2. You are very correct, the topic is very open and it will be difficult to narrow it down. Our class had one on ones with our TOK teacher, and it was really helpful. Try to break down what you really want to focus on. Try looking for a TOK Essay Planning Frame (our teacher provided it for us). After you have that really key in on your Knowledge question. I decided to stick to factors of the knowledge. Since you are more focused on emotion you can look into - how a person is emotionally attached to a certain task can help determine the value the person holds of the knowledge whether it is through difficulty or through ease. Does emotional draining mark the task as difficult or other factors? AND then reason can be - the process by how the knowledge was created. Surely I hope we can stay as assistants for each other and Good luck to you too!!
  3. To what extend did ideas expressed in and events occurring in the American and French Revolutions contribute to social unrest and, ultimately, revolution in Saint Domingue? To what extent do the events in Saint Domingue influence the ideas expressed by and decisions of French Revolutionaries? Please provide examples with reference to each of the major socio-racial groups (grands blancs, petits blancs, gens de coleur libre, esclaves/noirs) in Saint Domingue. I have done my research but only gathered a few results, I need help on this topic and any thoughts you might have, please. I have to write an essay on this question. Thank you!
  4. My extended essay topic is in psychology. My question is To what extent does interactions between genetics and environmental factors cause the development of schizophrenia? I have some knowledge on it and I also did my research, but my words are only reaching to 1000 and I need about 3000 more. Maybe I am not detailing enough? What can I focus on and write about? Any information and help on this is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. That really did help and very well thought out and elaborated! I think I took the wrong idea of the question, by putting it in the sense of school (math concepts). I really like the penicillin idea. That is true - penicillin (the knowledge of it is truly valuable despite being produced with ease). Your thoughts gave me other ideas - Saccharin (Artificial Sweetener), LSD as a drug. On the more fun side - potato chips and chocolate chip cookies - but I think I am going to stick to the ideas above (more serious ones). Thanks a lot, now I have a better idea of knowing where I want to focus my essay (scientific discoveries/first time discoveries). Thank-you!! Any other comments are truly welcomed!
  6. That really just opened my mind to the question. I was stuck around valuing passions, such as swimming that comes to me naturally ( I truly value) and something I worked for or that was difficult, such as learning certain math concepts or learning writing techniques ( I value that too). This helped me to realize that I can also compare certain aspects from our time to history. I also came up with two Ways of Knowing - Emotion and Reason ( I will need more), I believe they play an important role in valuing certain knowledge. I am still stuck on Areas of Knowing, have to work on that. I also looked into Intrinsic and Extrinsic situations - like valuing a certain knowledge that will lead to money (extrinsic) and valuing a certain knowledge for love and passion (intrinsic). Thank you so much!!! Any other comments are truly welcomed.
  7. I have chosen this topic to write this essay on. “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? I understand it to a certain extent, but I am having difficulty going in depth about it, especially when it comes the WOK and AOK. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I also have to fill out this TOK Essay Planning Frame. Can someone look over it and help me out. I have attached the file. Your thoughts on this question is welcomed. What do you have to say about this Question? Thank you! ToK Essay Planning 2016.docx
  8. Thank you so much! Your input has helped me a lot. I also think that would be best too. So I will stick to How and to what extent did the Space Race impact American Education? Thank-you and I wish you success on your future journey. I will contact you back if a need further assistance.
  9. I believe you are correct. After research, I found out that the space race impacted many things such as - technology, cold war, and education, and president and his policies. I think education or technology is good. For technology - New advancements were rapidly being made such as the microchip, wireless tools, and satellites(google). We needed to beat the soviets. For Education - School were greatly affected. Focus on math and science was emphasized in school to develop technology even more. They wanted more engineers and scientist to beat the soviets. Acts were passed to increase funding. Needed to created better system for future. Do you think I can talk about education alone and cover 2000 words or should I talk about education first then lead it to technology or would that be too much? So should the question be - 1. How and to what extent did the Space Race impact American Education? or 2. How and to what extent did the Space Race impact American Education and Technology? Thank you once again, your suggestions and advice are really helpful. They are truly helping me to decide.
  10. Thank you. I decided on sticking with the 1st question area. Which one would work or do you have any suggestions? How and to what extent did the Space Race impact American Society?
  11. I chose my EE as - To what extent does interactions between genetics and environmental factors cause the development of schizophrenia? What do you guys suggest? is this good enough for 4000 words and is the wording of the question good?
  12. We are in a process of choosing our History IA topic. I came down to two questions. I need advice on both and if the questions are good. Should I reword them or not? Which one is a best for my IA and will it be good enough for 2000 words. 1. To what extent did the launch of Sputnik led to the turning point in American History? 2. To what extent did the sinking of the U.S.S Maine led to the Spanish - American War? Thankyou
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