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  1. Guys, There was an Aspire Psychology Conference here in my country yesterday, and the best thing happened!!!! Dr. Philip Zimbardo creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment signed my frigging Psychology Course Companion. I am truly on cloud nine right now. I am still freaking out about last night. A hero signed my book. He spoke to me, he took a picture with me, he smiled at me. It was the best night of my life!!!!!! It's accurate to say that my life is complete!!!! I would include the selfie I took, but I don't want to upload my face, so if anybody wants to see the selfie dm me.
  2. I myself am an ex-girl scout, and I was wondering the same thing. I was thinking of joining again just so that I could knock out my CAS hours. I am happy to see that I am not the only one thinking of doing this. . I'll contact my old troop leader to see what she says.
  3. Hey guys, In Lang Lit we just got our first written task assigned and I wanted to do language and gender. I wanted to write a letter to the president-elect about his discrimination and misogyny, but my teacher says that there is no language in there. I just wanted to write a letter to Trump explaining his discrimination. So, how can I incorporate language into this? Should I talk not only about what he has said, but also his actions and body language and his tone of voice while he is saying those things? Like how he casually passed the p***y grabbing remarks off as locker room banter as if it were normal to say such things? I really need help here. The written task is due in two weeks. Thank you!
  4. Hey Apoello, Are you in HL or SL bio? I'm in HL bio myself, and I really wish I could drop it down to SL, but I can't. This together with the picture below is what the school required of me. I'm hating it so much right now.
  5. The moment you realize this is only half of your bio life.
  6. Could you guys please explain standard deviation and standard error to me in a really simplified manner? Pretend like you are talking to a fifth grader please! Thank you so much. This is my first year in IB and I am already really lost. School started a week ago
  7. It wasn't the whole class. There was one boy who didn't laugh, but even he had this disgusted look on his face.
  8. But I get lost when I study alone. I have a learning disability and this does not make IB any easier.
  9. Thank you, but there was even this one time I asked what a "standard error" to the teacher after I had my hand up, and the entire class laughed, and I heard them whispering to each other saying things like "I can't believe she just asked that, she's so dumb". This really hurt me, and my already low hope in bio now plummeted to absolutely nothing.
  10. Thank you for the reassurance, but I won't be able to make a class study group. I asked the kids at my table for help and they all laughed at me for not understanding the lesson, and ever since I have been really insecure about asking anything at all during class because I'm afraid they might laugh.
  11. Hey guys, Let me start of by saying that I'm so happy to have found this site. I know that it'll really help me when the time comes. I am a junior in high school, thus meaning that I am in IB1 this year. It's only the second week of school and I am already feeling the stress, especially in HL bio. Since the first day of school we jumped right into the course, and ever since then I have felt very lost, confused, and alone. You know the feeling when you get when everybody else is happy and excited about understanding what is going on, and then you are sitting there stressed out, worried, and confused? Yeah, that has been me since the first day of HL biology. I ask questions during class, I have had one on one sessions with the teacher, but I am still sitting in class like a lost puppy, and no, my schedule is set it can't be modified anymore. I am stuck with the classes that I am in. I like my classes, it's only bio that is giving me hell right now. Sure I have a lot of work for the other classes, but those classes are enjoyable. The other issue is that my none of my friends are doing IB they are all doing AP, at my school you have the option of doing either or. The reason that I am doing IB is because after high school I'm going to move back to my native Europe. I feel so lost and alone in the horrifying world that is IB. Could any of you give me a few tips on how I could make my life easier? It would be much appreciated. Good luck to all my fellow diploma students out there! -M
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