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  1. Im planning on doing either effects of different glucouse concentration on cellular respiration (CO2 production), or effects of different substrates on cellular respiration (CO2 production) using glucose maltose fructose sucrose. I will be using yeast to create the CO2. Teacher wants me to branch this idea and take it to a more unique level. My questions: 1. I know that this is probably overdone, but I am struggling due to lack of creativity to vary this simple (?) experiment procedure and make it unique enough for the reader. 2. Is it acceptable to state that my curiosity came from learning the cellular respiration concept in-class and wanting to apply and see the concept at play in a real world application Not asking for someone else to come up with something necessarily, but just really struggling so any suggestions will be valuable to me. Thanks a lot!
  2. I am working on my science fair project which is observing how acid rain causes corrosion of rocks. I want to make an acid rain solution using distilled water and sulfuric acid. What is the ratio of the amount of sulfuric acid per milliliter of water to get a solution with pH of 4.0-4.3?
  3. I can't devise a good procedure for my ee experiment in biology. Research Question: How are the allometric characteristics of radishes (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Sativus) affected by different levels of pH? What would be a good design to experiment this idea? I will be measuring root to root ratio, root diameter vs PH, leaf length vs PH, Leaf legnth vs leaf width Please and thank you!!!
  4. Thanks for the answer...but again, I have to tweak the question so that it is more original and deeper in meaning...any aspects that I can investigate further on? Thank you very much!
  5. My research question is What is the significant effect of pH in irrigation solutions in the allometric relationship of growth in Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Sativus (Radish)? How do I change question so that it is more EE relevant? (deeper, more insightful, original) My teacher thinks that it is like an IA Topic however, it can be changed to make it more significant to analyze, as how EE should be. Please help! Thank you
  6. What is the effect of different pH on the allometric characteristics of Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Sativus (Radish)? This seems kind of elementary of a question however, I want to make this into a more sophisticated question. What aspects of this question can lead to a more sophisticated, EE research question? Even suggesteions would be helpful in determining one. Thank you!
  7. My group mates and I are trying to come up with a research question that would be suitable for a practice lab in biology. My mates came up with the following RQ: What is the effect of ph on irrigation water in the quantitative and qualitative development of Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Sativus? We are trying to investigate the different effects (quantitative and qualitative) of ph in radish plants. 1) In my opinion this sounds like a common question; can I get some suggestion as to how we can make this more "unique"? 2) We are stuck on the procedures; we would appreciate suggestions as to how we can conduct this experiment. I just want to make sure that our group is heading to the right direction. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. I was wondering about this question...my teacher posed it and I don't know how to answer it?
  9. I need some ideas for an experiment on the topic above... Since the experiment must be original, it is difficulty for me to generate unique ideas... Help is much appreciated!! Thanks!
  10. Hi, I can't get out of this question please help! kx^2+(k-8)x+(1-k)=0, k does not equal 0. One root is 2 more than the other. Find k and two roots. Thanks!!
  11. you're right! Thank you for the advice!!
  12. Hi all, So, I'm preparing for a unit test tomorrow on exponents and logarithms, and I am noticing a trend myself. Especially for some complex log/ln equations, I have a great difficulty knowing where and how to go about solving a problem. When I take a look at the answer key, it all makes sense, even the process. It's just that when I attempt solving them on my own, I tend to get stuck at some point. I have a good knowledge on log laws as well as exponent ones however, they do not come to my mind whenever their use is required in a proble (if you know what I mean) I know it takes a ton of practice to feel natural (Which I am doing rn), but I'm looking for advice as to how to go about solving any equations involving log/ln. Here is an example I am stuck with: Solve for x: ln (x)= 4log(base)x(e) *Just on a side note, a quick advice on exponential equations/word problem questions would be wonderful! Thank you for reading and all your help. I really need them at this point!
  13. Hello, We are doing a novel study on Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and I am trying to analyze two quotes that I found from the novella. They include... "By the time Ibrahim Nasar arrived with the last Arabs at the end of the civil wars, seagoing ships no longer came there because of shifts in the river, and the warehouse was in disuse." "General Petronio San Roman, hero of the civil wars of the past century, and one of the major glories of the Conservative regime for having put Colonel Aureliano Buenda to flight in the disaster of Tucurinca." How would these quotes bear significance, possibly in relation to the La Violencia period? (Colombian Civil War) Thank you so much!
  14. Cool, thanks for the guidance. I have a better idea for tomorrow's essay now. Cheers!
  15. Hey, thank you for the reply! Yes, I am currently focus on the character developments and themes, but just wondering, do you think that there is a fair chance for a question pertaining to the chorus or major literary devices (such as irony in many of Creon's dialogues) Btw, we will be given 2 q's to choose from Thanks for this!
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