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  1. i did but i wasnt even good at that, i think i could if i had more time but im really slow at grasping the concept. and i feel bad about my marks, 3 isnt decent for me. i never rrally liked maths from high school but in my current college, we dont really have a choice; it's just now that they decided we could change.
  2. Hi, I'm about to enter my 2nd year in IBD and I have a pretty huge dilemma. My HL for now is Econs, English, Maths while my SLs are Business, Biology and Malay. I currently have a really weak grasp of maths HL and to be frank i am very uninterested. I plan on taking Econs/Business as my degree in the USA preferably and I dont know whether I should drop Maths HL and take Business HL instead. My maths is currently at a 3/4 level. I think my predicted grade for maths is gonna be bad and im very worried about applying into unis now :/ thank you in advance.