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  1. Hey! So, my advice would be to not freak out. Like there are so many studies and things that you have to remember and everything. BUT, if you make a clear guide of which studies you are going to use for each learning outcome, you honestly should be fine!
  2. Hey, Can someone (or multiple people) give me a rundown of the studies they are using to answer each of the Learning Outcomes for each Level of Analysis!! URGENT
  3. I'm not sure about Loftus and Palmer but there was the office one. I can't remember what it was called.
  4. Hiya. Just checked the learning objective from the study guide and it say's "explain". I reckon you should go with that. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MOCK!! YOU MUST TELL ME HOW YOU GO!
  5. Hey! I did my IOC last year and I received a Level 6! My teacher was really good as she provided us with an outline to follow for the commentary and guiding questions for the discussion. I have included the outline that she gave us. If you follow it, I am sure you will ace the commentary portion of the IOC. In regards to the discussion, as our teacher provided us with guiding questions, I was able to just practice and practice answering them. Remember 'quality over quantity' is key. Answering fewer questions but having a bomb answer will not only make the 10 minutes go by so much faster, but will also up your grade. If you have any questions or need help, I am more than happy to help. Good luck! Information for IOC.docx IOC-Planning-Sheet1.docx
  6. I think where you are coming from but I feel like a "to what extent" question may work better... DM to chat!
  7. cug1311

    Celebrity Crushes

    JENSEN bloody ACKLES mannnnn he hottttt literally love him so much
  8. 1. Greece 2. Bali 3. Argentina
  9. Hi lovelies, I am writing my ToK essay at the moment and I have decided to answer 5: Given access to the same facts, how is it possible that there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline? Develop your answer with reference to two areas of knowledge. And I love the topic but I'm really really struggling with it right now! Please help me!
  10. Hey guyssss, I am in my second year of the IB diploma program (taking my exams in May 2017) Can we please make a study group? We can set up a skype group or anything! I need major help because I am super stressed! I take: Chem SL / Biol HL / French Ab Initio / Psych HL / English Lit HL / Math Studies also need assistance with ToK and EE!
  11. HAHA I LOVE EE SO MUCH! just kidding, I really wish I did an English related EE but I am stuck with history and I am so screwed...
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