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  1. Hey I got accepted into a university college in the netherlands with only 29 points. University colleges are pretty competitive so I was surprised that I got accepted. Regular universities however, like the ones you mentioned, will for sure take you depending on the course that you pick though. A bunch of people I know got into universities in the netherlands with 24/25/26 points. Most universities also want motivation letters & interviews and this is where you really sell yourself - so if you have any extracurriculars or noteable events you took part in then this is where you express them. What I tell myself is I should be arrogant/show-off a bit but not too much, just to the point where you convince the admission officers to select you rather than some other candidate. I would start applying now though since spots are filling up & most colleges have rolling-admissions meaning first come first serve. Good luck & if u have any questions regarding the admissions process let me know.
  2. Yea the only thing SL was taught was topic 10&11. :/ Ah we'll see, good luck to you And P2 is both HL and SL...
  3. Are u serious?? Ah whatever has a strong correlation to the rise of hitler so can apply all its weaknesses to that
  4. Yeah but they only had one paper 2 attached - The only thing we studied are authoritarian leaders and causes/practices of wars
  5. I mainly revised WW1, WW2, Weimar, Mao, Hitler
  6. Hmm maybe they'll make the questions easier? I hope they don't ask about anything about Russia...
  7. Oh really? Maybe the boundaries are just scaring me lol
  8. These boundaries are so crazy in comparison to last years
  9. Hi everyone, Due to the change in the IB history hl/sl syllabus from 2015-2016 to 2016-2017, what do you predict the new grade boundaries to be? My teacher believes 87-89% will be required for a 7... What did you or your teachers predict them to be?? Let me know
  10. My grades were pretty awful in 11th grade, but I managed to turn it around in 12th grade. You have to start studying now as 12th grade is a lot more demanding than 11th grade. I suggest getting a friend or classmate to tutor you in your weak subjects as this significantly improved my grades. good luck
  11. Hey, I've got orals next week and we have to study 6 pieces: 3 poems from Ariel Plath (Cut, Nick and the Candlestick, Balloons) and 3 essays from George Orwell (Reflections on Gandhi, Anti Semitism in Britain and The Spike) Do you have any suggestions on how I could review and what I should focus on? Thanks,
  12. Hello everyone, If it was possible, a little bit of feedback on my Business IA research question would be appreciated Research Question: Should Company X employ motivational techniques for employees (manufacturing) in order to improve output? My analysis revolves around Hertzberg's Two Factor Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I then apply financial and non-financial methods of reward that Company A may benefit in. I then conclude with a Force Field Analysis. Anything I should include/exclude? Happy New Year !!!!
  13. Well my friend, then my school must be lying to me. Because I am currently sitting on a 6 with 80%. 79% is already a 5.
  14. Hey, Im assuming that the History boundaries were not only changed for my school, but the IB Diploma as a whole. The Diploma Programme has changed History's grade boundaries, it is now the hardest subject out of all I believe, to score a 7. I am currently on a 6 with 80%, 79% is already a 5! =[ I suggest you pick B&M as it is easier to score a higher mark if you just follow the guidelines. Goodluck...
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