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  1. I don't understand how the first equation in the markscheme leads to g'(x). Would appreciate some help
  2. I'm so sorry, my IA involves this particular chapter so I'm trying to teach myself but I realised this question made no sense LMAO
  3. Hello, I am doing my Physics IA on circular motion. I am wrapping a string n number of times around a pole of radius r, and I'm measuring the time it takes for the string to unwind from the pole. The variable I will be changing is the radius of the pole. My question is, will this cause a lot of errors? Because, I don't wrap the string around the pole at the same exact place on the pole in each trial. Should I start doing that to avoid errors? Further clarification: In the image attached you see a string wrapped n number of times around a pole in a certain area. However, for each trial, I'm wrapping the string around a different area of the pole each time.
  4. How do I figure out the answer for 4) c) i)?
  5. Yes, definitely past papers as others have said. QuestionBanks are usually used long before the main exams.
  6. Glad to realise I'm not alone! Thank you for the advice.
  7. Okay I'll cut to the chase. I'm not understanding ANYTHING in the trigonometry chapter of Maths SL, as much as I'd want to. I've tried to look at QuestionBank questions but I don't understand how to do them, I even tried watching a few videos but I'm still not understanding how to go about this chapter. Can anyone give me advice on how to start understanding this chapter, like any good textbooks/notes which explain the concepts or things I have to do to understand?
  8. thank you! (simplifying is my weakness :P)
  9. This is a question I always wonder about. Does IB care about IAs being unique and do IAs score less if they have already been done before? Also, is this 'rule' specific to any subject? I'm taking Bio, Chem and Physics. Do I need to think of unique IAs for all of them?
  10. the pictures show the question and then the second picture shows my working. I know the answer is A, but I don't know how it arrived to that equation. would appreciate any help!
  11. Thank you so much!! Yes, you were right on point with me not understanding the concepts. I never know which equation to use! I need to keep revising the concepts. Thank you! (as for Maths SL, I have a hold on it. :))
  12. that's why I found it difficult..thank you so much though!
  13. Sorry, but I honestly don't know. I've only been looking at UK universities and not one requires Chemistry (they just require Physics and Maths at HL level), so I don't see why US/Canadian universities would require it. I'm sure there are thousands of IB students applying to US/Canada universities who can answer for you instead.
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