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  1. I volunteered to teach children to swim and I volunteered at my local kindergarten!
  2. No, be really careful because the question states that the dictators have to be from different geographic regions and Stalin and Hitler are considered to be from the same geographical region! However, I'm doing the last exam for the old history syllabus (2016) and I'm pretty sure for 2017 history has a new syllabus?? So definitely check because I may be incorrect
  3. One of my CAS projects was Relay for Life! I put service and action down
  4. Hi everyone! My Eco HL exam is coming up in the week and a bit eeppp! I'm trying to find real life examples for Micro and Macro and was wondering if anyone could share some of the ones they have and are planning to use? I'm really desperate for examples concerning market failure, monetary policy and supply-side policy :/// Please help!!
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