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  1. Simple. Get a Latin text and it's English translation. (You can use Metamorphoses as you can find original and English translation easily.) Try to translate just one sentences at a time from the Latin book and once done cross check with the English translation. If your answer wrong then try to understand where you went wrong by looking at grammar. Do this 1.5 hours every day day. You will be the BEST in your class in 90 days. This is better than any black magic. There is no other medicine too.
  2. Foreign students are cash cows for Australian universities. Many second level universities like UTS bend rules to get foreign students in. I know a guy who told me that for some classes he did not get a chair to sit if you do not go early ( UTS have enrolled more students than their lecture room accommodate). Another student told me that classes are very over-crowded.
  3. GOD never pays any attention to poor or suffering saying that he has given people choice. But, very quick to claim good deeds when something good happens by chance.
  4. Also Maths Studies will help you with your Economics.
  5. In my opinion, you should do the following ASAP: 1) Change Maths HL to Maths Studies SL; Do at least 25% of questions in the text book and last 15 years past papers. You will get a 7. 2) Upgrade to HL the easiest between following two: English or Sport Science ; English may be a better option as IOP and IOC are same for both. If you are getting less than 20% for your Maths HL then you should consider above option very seriously. If you are getting less than 10% for Maths HL then I do not think you have any other option than above.
  6. One more question. When you say, "I do not understand anything" what did you mean? What was the exam mark for Maths HL you got in your last test? If you are getting over 60% then I think you should be able to improve. But, if yo are getting less than 25% always for Maths HL, then there is an issue.
  7. What are your other subjects? and at what level? Maybe you need to do Maths studies (or maths SL) and upgrade one of the easy subjects to HL?
  8. We studied 4 authors for English HL Literature, Genres. What will be the most efficient method to prepare for the paper 2? Learn more poems and quotes from two authors I like or try to learn all 4 authors? I feel like learning two authors for the exam with more poems may be a logical method. Please share your experience and success as exam is just one month away (Nov / 2016).