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  1. Are you in Maths Studies SL? Because if not, I'm not sure whether you can attain a high grade based on your topic... If you're in Maths SL or higher, I'd consider another topic, honestly.
  2. Looks good. You'll eventually find yourself doing Math HL stuff for 50% of your studying time, and other 50% for your other subjects. What are your current grades in these subjects? Do you take IBMYB or IGCSE?
  3. Biology SL is the easiest science as far as I know...
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering whether it is safe if we write our IAs on Google Drive? Is it accessible to anybody apart from the owner? And what about the plagiarism check?
  5. HL Math, Physics, Chemistry SL Lang A, Lang B, Geography
  6. kanda_sorata

    Are my grades ok

    I believe you're talking about percentages here? If so, it's good, you have nothing to worry about. What are your subjects? And hey I'm applying for medicine as well
  7. 1. Yes 2. You can, no problem 3. No; essentially it is the same for SL and HL students
  8. I think it's excellent, especially for Ivy League universities. I'd say go for it.
  9. (Apparently, I love calculus a lot) 我們以R 表實數系, 這是個世界通用之數學符號. 本課程中亦常用以下符號: R∗ = def R Ä {0}, 非零實數集合. R+ = def {x ∈ R | x ≥ 0}, 非負實數集合. R∗ + = def {x ∈ R | x > 0}, 正實數集合.
  10. Could you take Math or Physics at HL? Because 4 HLs, especially Math and Physics, really give you an edge on your applications to unis. If I were you, and if I wanted to secure every possible opportunity in case I change my mind or whatever, (ideally) I'd go with these: HL Chemistry, Physics, Math, Psychology SL English A Lit, Language (A or B) That way you could make sure your application is strong since you'd clearly challenge yourself by this subject choice. Chemistry HL is not THAT difficult as long as you 1) study throughout the 2 years and not just before the exams and 2) do past papers and get used to the questions. It also helps if you have a good background knowledge, but I assume you do since you'd choose it at HL. Physics HL is a tough class, and you will struggle, but if you're persistent, no doubt you can get an excellent grade. Physics SL, on the other hand, is kinda difficult for Science SL (in fact, it is the toughest Group 4 SL there is), but you still learn a lot. Math HL, as I hear from my colleagues, is very tough but also very rewarding. I was told that HL Math students spend 50% of their time doing maths, and other 50% doing other subjects. Math SL is manageable even if your math abilities are not that good. Math studies SL is a joke; don't take it because unis often look down upon it (if you're getting into a natural science course, that is). Psychology HL... I used to love this class, but I soon figured out that they only test your ability to memorize a ton of information, and on the IB exams you have to write essay-style questions which you either 1. make up on the spot or 2. learn off by heart. Doing it at SL, IMHO, makes no sense, since the class is too demanding for an SL subject. English A Lit isn't too bad, just make sure you read your texts regularly, when your teacher assigns it, and you'll be golden. Make sure to be active in class because you want 100% of what your teachers can offer you. If you're not a native speaker, maybe consider doing English B HL, just to get a bit of workload off your back. Starting with the most difficult subject first: Physics HL > Math HL > Chemistry HL > Psychology HL > English A SL > Language A or B SL There's a wide range of careers you could pursue with the subject choice you outlined, so don't worry about it! You will start to "grow" towards a certain subject once you enter the DP anyway.
  11. kanda_sorata


    Why would you need to choose your IA topic in IB1 I don't get it? Anyhow, look through the syllabus and see which topic interests you the most. Then narrow down these preliminary ideas to more concrete RQs... I'm afraid you'll have to come up with an idea of your own. Both SL and HL have the same requirements for the IA. And you can't possibly be thinking of EE if you've only studied until Topic 3 Periodicity or so...
  12. The question is; why are they doing the Math IA in IB1?? There's no way you could use calculus, that's for sure (unless you're really into math). Do you take Physics? @Filip Tomic
  13. I don't want to discourage you, but there's a kid in my year group who did this very same experiment and it ended up as a big failure because the values were more or less consistent for all samples. He had tested 7 different lakes in our town for BOD using the Winkler method. You haven't mentioned how would the samples differ? Keep it simple... You see it's too big of a hassle for you to collect all the materials you need, and I'm sure you could think of something else "I thought of testing the water for nitrite as well if my substitute potassium mixture actually works." The method for testing this involves methods that are far out of your scope of work.
  14. Yeah, I agree. I'm pretty sure he's not using 1 M sulfuric acid
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