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  1. Well it's a condensation reaction so obviously water has to be released. But if that's all you got wrong, then you shouldn't worry. Actually don't worry regardless, it's not like we can change the marks at this point.
  2. I feel that the topics we did last actually were the ones I knew the most about because I had just done them
  3. imo I thought the data-based question was one of the easiest I have done. Unless we did different time zones
  4. I did that exact question and I couldn't get the dipeptide bond correctly either, lol. At least I added H20 in the end so I'll get at least 1/4 marks. I didn't do the last question as I was afraid to write about the wrong thing
  5. This is a bit unrelated, but why are your goal grades lower than your midterms? I always see people that have way higher goals than their current grades. Cheers.
  6. That's an outstanding score! I hope I get a high score on mine as well, but our school doesn't let us know the grades until they are moderated.
  7. That's true, TOK is really dependent on its ability to be applied to the rest of IB and knowledge in general. I think that a teacher which only teaches TOK as a necessity of the IB (it is but the point is that it is supposed to help you) will find that students are less engaged in their work
  8. I agree with you, however I wouldn't say 3 points is that low. After all, you only do the TOK essay and presentation once, whereas in other subjects you need to do IAs AND the exams (just to put it in perspective). I would say those 3 points can make a difference
  9. I honestly can't say. Wouldn't hurt to try, our TOK teacher asked something to which they said no and it didn't affect us at all, so go ahead.
  10. It's supposed to teach you how we find new knowledge and when to trust it. If you do it right it is a good skill for university.
  11. Everything in the IB (bar math studies and further maths) are relatively equal in "difficulty", both in HL and SL. Hence, subjects that may look easy at first may actually be more difficult depending on the person. If you are someone who is better at writing than science or math then your subjects should be fine.
  12. The IB picks the internals randomly, so they will likely be able to moderate all of the marks to a certain extent. I don't know about sending all the IAs, but that may be something only your teacher can do. Also beware that the teacher may be right, even if it may not seem like it. I would do the best you can and not be OK with lower marks because of your teacher.
  13. While I may not be able to help you much with HL math directly, I would recommend that you stop relying on your teachers and learn the content yourself. I would recommend Khan Academy to anyone struggling with math as it is free and very easy to understand. It might also be helpful to do past papers for HL math. Remember that math is just about practice so whatever you do by yourself will likely increase your chances of a higher grade. But, above all, good luck.
  14. You should have applied already. I am anxious to know my results as well, but it is utterly pointless to worry about this at this point in time. I would instead focus on raising your overall IB score because, believe it or not, it does matter if you meet your predicted grades for your final exams even for US universities. Wait until you get your decisions back before you start worrying about university acceptances. That being said you shouldn't have too many problems getting into these schools, for the most part. I also applied to UT Austin and BU, btw.
  15. The IB can contact organizations that sell papers and get permission to mark the paper as plagiarism. This is what our DP coordinator told us last year, that it is not a good idea to buy any work. However he may be able to get away with it if he cites the information and expands on the ideas themselves rather than plagiarize. At the end of the day, I wouldn't recommend it.
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