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  1. Oh and while 3 is a very interesting observation, I don't think it's literary enough unless you can prove that it somehow happened on purpose or something like that? I don't know much about these books, but the topic seems like it would lent itself to talking a lot about characters and not author's characterizations and intent. Whichever you pick, good luck!
  2. 1 is probably the best because it's most narrow, the broader the topic the more depth you (usually) lose, so I think when in doubt go for the narrower topic :)Believe me, those 1500 words will just fly by.
  3. lexie

    Economics HL Papers 1-2 timezone two

    Did question 3 for paper 1, and questions 1, 2, and 3 for paper 2. I think the grade boundaries are going to be way up this year, they felt like super easy papers, not much HL stuff on paper 2 either. Fingers crossed for those 7's!
  4. lexie

    History P1&2

    Paper 1 was easy, for paper 2 i picked the 'to what extent did nationalism cause 2 wars' question, wrote about WWI and WWII it was a really really long question, kind of like 2 questions smushed together. But I thought I did alright. Did the potsdam question for the other essay, didn't take too long there so managed to finish everything but it really was a race against time
  5. lexie

    Self teach Math HL

    Good economics courses in the UK require HL maths, as do maths courses and probably things like physics. Good luck
  6. lexie

    History HL - Paper 3

    Depends what you wrote (quality over quantity, although that is not very much quantity) and if you wrote an outline beforehand. You get points for things in your outline that you ran out of time to mention in your essay. If you wrote a persuasive argument for the influence of the depression on Germany without major errors I suppose you should get 9-10 points even if it wasn't particularly deep/considered other points of view. Have a look at the markbands, that's probably most helpful
  7. 1.5 hours a week, it was a pass/fail class for school credit (no essay writing until the second half of the second year). Basically everyone played computer games on our school's 1-to-1 laptop program laptops while the teacher wrote stuff on the board. What a waste of time, at least it's over.
  8. lexie

    History HL - Paper 3

    Aw I really loved the prov gov question, I think it was asking why they were 2 revolutions in 1917 and not just the one in february/march. It was what I'd just managed to learn the night before so I knew a ton of details about the failures of the provisional government and ended up writing that there really weren't 2 revolutions, because the second was a coup (challenging the assumption of the questions ) and I think it was one of the best essays I've ever written. Other than that I found it easy, although I freaked out because our main option was imperial russia and I didn't really know anything about Stolypin's social reforms, the questions about the effects of the Great Depression and the effects of the First World War were really open ended and nice
  9. lexie

    Exeter or York?

    I would go for York - great university, much much nicer campus.
  10. lexie

    2011 entry Oxford Applicants Thread

    After you submit your UCAS form to UCAS, they send it to your counselor, who puts in his/her reference and predicted grades that teachers gave him/her. I think I remember something about Oxford wanting to see SAT scores from US students but that may just be for those that don't do IB...Have a look at their website and see if you can maybe send in other qualifications besides IB scores.
  11. lexie

    Math HL paper 3

    Stats and Probability TZ2 was way harder than anything before
  12. lexie

    2011 entry Oxford Applicants Thread

    May I ask, what do you think your total predicted score will be? Without a minimum of 38/45 (the lowest offer they give) you're right, you probably should not apply. My school in fact requires 40/45 to apply, although I got an offer of 39 so I think that's kind of silly. But it is definitely less than impressive if your score is low. Also important is the course you're applying for - do they interview 30% or 90% of applicants? You could possibly make up for a poor score with a great interview, but that's assuming you get an interview. What I would do, is talk honestly with my teachers. You've almost done your first year of IB (I presume) and even if you say you can make it up, think honestly about what you think you can achieve. Senior year in IB is harder than the first, and if you slack off it can be hard to make it up. Keep in mind you don't just need the predicted grades, you need the grades. Nevertheless, if you work really hard from now until October, have an honest talk with your teachers about your plans (they won't laugh at you, I'm sure they want what's best for you) and see if they think you can do better. If they do, convince them to give you the higher predicted grades. I think also Oxford won't accept less than 5's in HL's. In terms of a gap year, I agree that it should be productive and related to what you want to study. If you transfer to Oxford from the US, no credits or anything like that get transferred, you basically start over again. Keep in mind also a lot of people with great scores get rejected, so even if you do achieve wonderful IB grades, take a gap year, and then apply, it's not a guarantee. Can I ask why Oxford over all the great schools in the US? In my personal opinion, if you work hard from now until predicted grades I think you can raise your grades (I raised mine from a 36/37 spring of junior year to a 42 October of senior year). It's doable But be honest with your teachers and let them know what's going on Hope that helps somewhat. Keep in mind I'm by no means an expert and can only give you my very biased opinion based on my own personal experience.
  13. lexie

    Urgent SL Chemistry Questions

    For the second Q, the equations are: HCl + NaOH --> H2O + NaCl (1/2)H2SO4 + NaOH --> H2O + (1/2)Na2SO4 Anyone know what to do from there?
  14. lexie

    Urgent SL Chemistry Questions

    The first one, use the equation Q = mc(delta T) So, energy = mass (specific heat) (change in temp) So, Q = 2.0 (5) (0.9) = 9.0 For these q's, keep in mind to make sure the units of specific heat energy correspond to that of temp and mass, and that they could ask you to find joules or kilojoules. anyway, the answer is 9.0, so C hope that helps.
  15. lexie

    The Hardest Subject

    It's not HL maths, it's HL history. Sooo much harder for me

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