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  1. Hi! I would like to ask you how did you find the may 2017 exams in physics. I think that were more difficult than may 2016. Also, in which case someone fails and need to go to november exams? Finally for which reason should we be examined in 2 exams in a day (for example Physics and psychology were examined the same day) ? Thank you
  2. Hi! I would like to ask you if you have analytically all the concepts that are out of the old syllabus. Thank you!
  3. Hi! I would like to ask you how many days after the day of exams we can download the papers of Physics in internet or IBO store?
  4. Hi! I would like to ask you if students should know which particles will take place in a reaction.Also, should someone know how to make a Feynman diagram or it is ok just to recognise the kind of reaction in a given Feynman diagram? Thank you very much!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Could a university change the initial status of my approved application if I won't achieve good grades in May?
  6. Hi! i would like to ask you if the application of a student is approved from a university in February, how important is to achieve good grades in May exams?
  7. Hi! I would like to ask you which are the formulas that should someone remember (formulas that are not in booklet) for physics IB Standard level and which for higher level?
  8. Hi! Does anybody know which are all the definitions that should someone know for physics sl?
  9. I mean that the whole booklet that has IB in the official site contains both sl and hl equations. Is this booklet that is given to all?
  10. Does anybody know if the booklet that is given in physics sl exams is the same as hl exams?
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