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  1. Hello, I plan on writing a Biology EE. I was wondering if there are any guidelines on the use of plants and bacteria, like there are for animals. I plan on working on bacteria, and was wondering whether or not DNA isolation, and PCR would be fine to conduct or not?
  2. Hello, so I am really confused on what I should do for my HL Math IA. I found an interesting topic, calculating the volume of a hypersphere. Seeing as this is the 4th dimension, I was wondering if this is a good topic for an IA? Is there too much math that is too complicated for HL Mathematics? I plan on using the following link to guide my understanding: http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~haber/ph116A/volume_11.pdf Thanks
  3. Hello, so I was told that IB will be giving us titles for our TOK essay. Now my question is, do we write an essay ON one of the given titles that we choose, or do we make our own Knowledge Question out of the given essay titles, and write an essay on that? I am currently doing a mock essay and am very confused on how to start? I am looking at the 2017 titles, so do I write an essay on one of the 2017 titles that I want to choose, or do I make my own KQ out of the prescribed title that I choose? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, so as we all know IB has some new requirements for CAS, and they don't have a set number of hours anymore. I have a few confusions in light of this. Firstly, what is the minimum time period from which I can include certain projects in my CAS portfolio. For example, am I only allowed to talk about activities, or service in my portfolio from the period that I started my IB diploma? For example, I am graduating in 2018, and started IB in 2016. Can I write about activities, etc from before 2016? Like 2013-2015? This is the biggest confusion I have when it comes to CAS as of now, as I have a few friends that have included activities in their portfolio that date as far back as 2011, when they started IB in 2016. Thanks in advance for your answers
  5. Hello, Our school is offering us the Pearson textbook for chemistry, which I have heard is for the old syllabus... I have read on different threads that there is a new syllabus for chemistry starting 2016, and was wondering whether using this textbook mentioned above is still fine? Do I need to buy the new Pearson chemistry textbook for the new syllabus, or can I stick with the current one? Thanks!
  6. I plan on studying in the US. I really hope to try and apply to some of the top universities over there... Thanks for your reply!
  7. Hey guys, I really want to apply to some top universities and I plan on studying MechE or ECE in the future. I am currently taking: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL Chemistry SL English LangLit SL Spanish ab initio Are these subjects fine for applying to good universities? Thanks for your support!
  8. I'm now thinking to pursue computer hardware engineering, any recommendations for my IB subjects?
  9. Hello, I was wondering which subject between Chemistry SL and Computer Science SL is considered to be more easier? Please when evaluating include: the exam, IA's, etc. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! So regardless of which subject I choose to take, is it okay taking it at the SL level, and bumping up Economics to HL? Would this affect my transcript in a bad way, if I take CS or CHem as an SL, with Econ as HL? I already have the engineering prerequisites, HL Math and Physics.
  11. Hi all! So unfortunately my school does not offer IB Design and Technology, and I was wondering what is a good replacement for it. I want to pursue engineering (Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, etc), but not chemical engineering. And I wanted to take HL Math, Physics, and Design Tech. But knowing that my school didnt offer it, I had no option but to choose between Computer Science or Chemistry So what would be a better replacement knowing that I want to pursue engineering in the future, hoping to go to a very good university? And does this replacement need to be taken at the HL level, or can it be SL? Thanks!
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