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  1. We've done quite a bit of selling and organised events and I can say face-painting is a sure-fire success.
  2. My EE is in English and my supervisor said an abstract isn't necessary. I'd avoid it because of confusion in word count as well as having to work more! Basically the abstract serves the same purpose as your intro but has an added conclusion. And as mine is in English, I need a thesis statement (I believe it's a good idea for an essay in any subject) which is very similar to a conclusion. So, if you have the urge to do something abstract-like you can follow the following: Intro: background info + what you believe/thesis statement/hypothesis Body: discuss your thesis statement by analysing things Conclusion: Simply state your hypothesis was correct/partly correct/(very rarely) wrong BUT REMEMBER: if it's an experimental sciences EE, the format is a bit more solid and specified
  3. Yeah... the flight would be a hassle. Is the link the actual IB exam schedule? I came across it but it wasn't on the IB's website so I'm doubtful.
  4. Hey guys, I'm Indian and I was just wondering whether Indian universities would accept me for the MBBS course as everyone says physics is required here. Subjects: Bio and Chem.... NO PHYSICS Also, I have to give the NEET (UKCAT/MCAT similar) exam and I don't study in India so I'd have to fly there while the IB exams are occurring. Does anyone know whether physics is mandatory/ they accept IB with only 2 sciences? And would it be worthwhile flying to India for the entrance exam? Thanks a million!
  5. My teacher gave us another nice acronym which is quite similar to azara ACTSS A= Audience & Purpose what is it trying to do and how might different audiences view it (e.g. Burkini) C = Content & Theme what is it made of (ideas/thoughts/actions) and what the running idea or moral is T = Tone & Mood Remember: Tone is the way something is said/written (This is my pen vs THIS is my pen vs This is MY pen); while mood is what is created/ the audience feels S = Structure Does it have short/long sentences; Is it in paragraphs; Is it in a regular couplet; Is there rhyme S = Stylistic devices Look up literary devices on this page and just read through as many as possible. DON'T FORGET TO TREAT ANY IMAGES IN THE SAME WAY
  6. Hi guys, So I'm getting a little tight on space for my EE. Is it okay to exclude all the in-text citations from the total word count? Will the IB penalise me? (We use Harvard btw) Something like this: I am giving you an example (Befuddled, 2017). Is it okay to count it as 6 words instead of 8?
  7. Hey guys, So my draft (for which I'll receive feedback) is due tomorrow and I had a question. I recently found something unexpected for my EE. I'm thinking whether to incorporate it or not. If I do end up using the info, I think I'll need my supervisor's feedback in general. Is he still allowed to comment after the feedback? (He won't look at the thing I'm sure - he's too rule-driven XD)
  8. I meant in terms of knowledge not application
  9. Ahh. Well my class is made up of 2 Biology HL students and 1 Physics HL student (I know tiny class). The thing is my teacher's been a Physics teacher so he enjoys the energy topic.But me and the other Bio student want to do either option B or esp. D. Hopefully, majority wins! So my question is, would it be significantly beneficial for uni if I do option D? If not, like you said option B is revision, easier stuff is welcome by me
  10. That's great! It has a few units that are VERY similar to chemistry, but there's also information about proteins/lipids and DNA structure/replication you need to do. AND, if you choose the biochemistry option in chemistry, life will become that much easier for you
  11. My career choice would be Medicine, and my school has only just begun thinking about which options to do. I believe Medicinal Chemistry would be the obvious choice, but is it so? Or would I be better off doing Energy?
  12. That has definitely motivated me to get on with my EE! Love all of your thoughts
  13. I agree. Check out the textbook, and remember HL Biology has 17 topics + 1 option. Most people find topic 2 difficult: Molecular Biology so don't forget to read through it a little more. A good place to definitely check out is On youtube, Alex Lee has some great videos which will help you if you go through with Biology HL!
  14. So I was recently pondering over why some students in my school who are exceptionally intelligent underscored... It sparked me that perhaps things like: - motivation - humbleness - attentiveness etc., are necessary. What are some things you guys believe result in success?
  15. I'm sorry to hear you're in this situation.... But it would be difficult to say what exactly would be the best choice for you. If you DO change to Biology HL please remember the following: In year 1, more than 60% of the course is completed. And it is VERY heavy in terminology. If you are good at memorising words and are willing to put in 100% of your energy into Biology, it would still take you more than a month alone. As for the school allowing you, I believe they wouldn't be thrilled with the idea. If you are able to convince them because of your uni plans it may be possible. However, if you sticked with Physics HL, it will impact your whole career even if you get through IB. I recommend you think about whether you would rather take Biology or push yourself a little harder in Physics. If you remain with Physics, fields such as technology development for Medicine/laboratories may still provide a link to Biology in your career. Speak to an adult and without mentioning, your school. Best of luck