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  1. Hi everyone. I'm currently working on my WT1 and I'm writing a tabloid article, which generally requires photographs. I wanted to use stills from the film based on the book I'm writing it on, but I found out some (most) of them have some sort of copyright license. My question is: can I still use these stills or is there a way to go around it?
  2. I also have exams in 2019 and my teacher also gives us extra case studies and models from the old syllabus, because she thinks they're important. Our one test was a past paper, so they were useful, but honestly we can't know for sure until the first exams if they are useful to the new syllabus. Personally, I focus more on the new textbook, but I will be revising some old stuff too. As for study tips, I recommend dividing all the advantages, disadavantages, causes, reasons etc. into economic, social and cultural, political and environmental and study it that way, because you can structure essays this way. Some topics from the old syllabus are covered this way on Greenfield geography.
  3. If you want to take both History and Econ, then maybe drop Visual Arts? It seems that they won't be useful for your future Uni and career (Econ and History will) and from what I've heard VA can be quite a challenging subject.
  4. Hello everybody! I'm in Pre-IB right now and my TOK teacher told me to make a presentation about art and nature. She told me to focus on mathematical aspects of nature like spirals, fractals, symmetry etc. and its portrayal in art. She even suggested I look into Nikon's Small World photo competition but I feel like it's not enough and I don't know what else to add. I tried googling stuff but nothing concrete showed up. Does anyone have any idea of what I could possibly add to that? The whole presentation should take around 10 minutes but I don't want to have only this one thing she recomended.

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