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  1. I am a 2017 May graduates and I did quite well, however, my art grade was not what I wanted or needed to get into the university that I wanted. I have spoken to my DP co-ordinator (who I don't trust in the slightest because she recently became the co-ordinator and was my teacher before that. Imagine the worst kind of teacher and thats only half the story). She has now told me that she's pretty sure that I won't be able to re-do the visual arts course and that she can't send in the different components either, even though we documented absolutely everything! So my question is: is she right?? and if she isn't could you perhaps send evidence so that I can prove it to her. By tomorrow. Cause we have a meeting tomorrow. I am aware that this is about as short notice as it gets, but it is not my fault. She hasn't responded to my emails even though she said she'd get back to me by the 15th. Thank you so much for any responses. Have a lovely day.
  2. Heya ^^ I just had a few questions. When you apply to university, what can they actually see? How many times you have done a re-take and which subjects you re-took, or? So, if I only re-take one subject, will they be able to see that I only re-took that one subject or will it look as if I had to re-do everything? Do they take into concideration how many times you re-took when you apply to a uni, as in: is it less prestigious if you have had to re-take something? Thank you before hand already. Hope anybody reading this is having a good summer
  3. I filled out as much as possible, but in the last question it was not possible to pick always four times in a row, so I just left them blank. Good luck
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