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  1. powa2

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Wow I got 1990 too for the January SAT, looks like it's a common score. Well the importance of SATII depends on each university, some universities require 3 although most like Upenn or Cornell requires 2. A lot of universities like Stanford or Chicago don't even require SATII!
  2. powa2

    Canadian Universities

    Well it really depends on where you want to go after university. U of A is fine if you wish to stay in Canada but if you wish to work outside of Canada I would say that McGill, Waterloo and U of T are more well known. I also think that the Bachelor degree isn't a practicing degree, you might have to get a Doctor's before you can actually be a pharmacist
  3. powa2

    Waterloo Architecture? or Ryerson?

    I have to concur with greaterthaninfinity, Waterloo's architecture is famous for the quality of its alumni. It's also excellent for the teacher ratio,usually in the upper classes it's 7-10 pupil's per teacher. The best part of the programme at Waterloo has to be the coop for architecture, you can basically pay back any tuition fee with coop and they usually send a lot of students to great firms for placement.
  4. I go to a big school so we have around 250 IB students within a public school of 2200 students
  5. powa2

    Studying for the SAT exam by MYSELF?

    Well, ScoreChoice is not applicable to every U.S. university, most selective institution like Stanford or Yale require all your SAT scores. SAT scores could help with British and Canadian universities and it is very possible to study by yourself like I did.
  6. powa2

    Hong Kong University

    First I would like to congratulate you on getting a offer at HKU! Yes, HKU is a fantastic university that has quite a high admission standards for domestic students ( >37) but because HKU is trying to be more international in scope, they have been trying to recruit more international students, that is why I suspect you have such a low conditional score. Hong Kong is also one of the top financial centres of the world, if you planning to go for the finance program, you won't have much trouble finding jobs in Hong Kong. It is also pretty easy to work in other places like US, UK because you can just work for a multinational company and apply to work in other places.
  7. powa2

    Canadian Universities

    Yiruna, Waterloo, U of T and Western Ontario all have different processes for admission. For Waterloo admission is by program, for the more competitive program you would need to get above 37 with a 5 or 6 on your higher levels but it's quite high for the computer science program if I can remeber correctly. For U of T, they admit generally with high scores into different colleges, I think they have a system of changing your IB scores into percentages and gives admission by whichever is more beneficial to the applicant. I don't much about UWO but I think they have a system that is similar to U of T. Everybody is scared about university application, don't worry about it! Just apply to every university that you want to go in and hope for the best!
  8. Just apply to McMaster anyways since you'll be using the Ontario university application form and applying for other Ontario universities are free. I wouldn't recommend you to the chemical engineering since its not very good. McMaster has a great Health program that is great for anybody who is considering medicine. But if you are set on chemical engineering, UBC, McGill and U of T would be great places to apply. I don't know about off campus residence but I know that UBC has a pretty good residential system that is pretty affordable with the food. The UBC is also gorgeous, has all the amenities that you would ever need and is also next to Vancouver, one of the best cities in the world.
  9. powa2


    Don't take the SAT if you don't intend on going to American university and have your eyes set on an Australian, it'll just be a enormous waste of time added onto your IB workload. But if have some extra time on your hands and would like to do nothing else but to spend hours preparing for the SAT, go for it, it might give you extra credential on top the IB programme
  10. powa2

    The Oxbridge Guide

    They should send you a letter/email to you if you haven't been shortlisted, but yeah this week is the week for interviews if you don't get one it might be that they are just really busy and hectic right now and you might get one later.
  11. powa2

    Canadian Universities

    Well from my understanding,when you are applying for universities in Alberta and in other provines they do two things. They look at both your provincial average and your IB mark. If the IB conversion to percent is higher and more beneficial to you, they use that, otherwise they use the normal provincial averages. U of Alberta also offers great scholarships for IB students, if you manage to get in the high 30s you could qualify for a $10000 dollar scholarship.
  12. Well it really depends on how well versed you are at mathematics. Both courses at higher level requires a good knowledge of math but physics HL definitely has more challenging math in it and was more challenging to me. I find that if you at good at fast comprehension and have an imagination in figuring out problems Physics HL and Chemistry SL would be a good combination for you.
  13. powa2

    Entering university - Subjects...

    I would recommend you to just self study the part of psychology that includes names, history and the developement, the actual concept and experimental part is very hard to learn without an adequate teacher. But I find it quite pointless trying to self learn psych if you are going to unversity to learn it, since you will ultimately learn it anyways.
  14. powa2

    To continue or to drop IB?

    If you are dead set with majoring in music or a music related course in unversity, I don't think it helps that much to continue with I.B. It is true that I.B. opens numerous opportunities and brings you ahead of the pack in university,(if you decide not to skip the first year courses) but I don't think that outweighs the stress and courseload that would be obscure to your major. But if you did decide to continue, I would inquire you to take Music HL because it has sufficient music theory for 1st year college. English HL also has many intangible benefits that would great help your writing of essays in college.
  15. powa2


    Well do whatever suits you, both are quite good at their respective field. Have you taken a tour of those universities? Maybe a tour there will help tell you what the universities are like and which one you really do prefer.

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