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  1. Hello i've decided to do my math ia on finding the length of a curved road These are the steps i need to follow to find the length of the road : Find the road on google maps Find a curve that fits the road but i don't know ho to fit the curve into the road by polynomial regression and matrices next i need to find the arc length through calculus does anyone knows or ever did a math ia on the topic pls reply im in dire need of help idk what to do here's a link to a file explaining the steps to find polynomial regression : http://web.iitd.ac.in/~pmvs/courses/mel705/curvefitting.pdf i dont understand the part where the person mentioned about least squares approach regarding polynomial functions and how she derived the formula
  2. When we know the p-value is p<0.05 what do this infer regarding the association and why does there re significant difference between expected and observed means ?
  3. What's the difference between random orientation and independent assortment during meiosis ??
  4. thanks for replying but bcs when i think of Wold Studies i think that you need to compare two countries for your issue to have a global significance. hehehe
  5. Soooo.... I decided to do an EE on Biology but after a short discussion with my Biology teacher she said that an Extended Essay on Biology is very hard to score an A so should i switch to English B considering all the IAs that i need to do in Year 2 ?? if any of you guys had done an EE on Biology can u pls give me a piece of advice and state the grade that you guys got for your ee or maybe you know a friend of yours who did an ee on biology and got his/her ee grade.
  6. i find Cambridge to be more precise and lengthy but there are just words on one page. On the other hand, Oxford is quite okay because it has pictures so that you're not bored and the examples are quite clear and easily understood whereas for Cambridge you'll be needing a lot more time to comprehend the examples and concept. I don't read Pearson that much because i don't have the time. BTW IM TAKING ECONS SL
  7. Why does disilane, Si2H6 has a higher boiling point than ethane, C2H6
  8. Can someone explain to me what's the difference between spontaneous generation, abiogenesis, biogenesis and endosymbiotic theory. Plus is biogenesis false since scientists believe that the first cell arises from non-living matter. Thank you in advance ☺️
  9. What's the difference between chromatid, chromosome and chromatin. During S phase the cell undergoes replication does the cell's chromatin becomes 92 ? but the chromosome remains 46 ? am i correct ? How about chromatin ?
  10. aminzairi


    so the change of temperature also depends on the number of molecule ? because the less the number of molecules that will absorb the enthalpy, the more the heat is released ? am i right ?
  11. aminzairi


    When 100 cm3 of 1.0 mol dm–3 HCl is mixed with 100 cm3 of 1.0 mol dm–3 NaOH, the temperature of the resulting solution increases by 5.0 °C. What will be the temperature change, in °C, when 50 cm3 of these two solutions are mixed? Can someone explain how to do this question ?
  12. aminzairi

    Gas Laws

    What would happen to the pressure of the gas if the temperature and volume of the gas is doubled
  13. but if the Van der Waals forces are being broken down what forces cause attraction between evaporated water molecules ?
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