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  1. thank you so much :), is there any other calculations that i could include? what about beer's law
  2. Thanks for replying. How would I select wavelengths?
  3. Hi all, so I used a uv-vis spec for my lab but for some reason, my graph got deleted but i still have my data from the spectrometer. Is there a way that i can create a concentration vs absorbance graph without having the spectrometer inserted? THANK YOU
  4. Hi again, i'm doing a lab using copper II chloride solution, but i want to change the concentration of it, but I'm not sure how Please reply, i'm so confused!!!
  5. Hi guys, I want to do my chem ia on vitamin c concentration in orange juice or vitamin c tablets but my chem teacher said it needs to involve a chemical reaction and Idk what independent variable to examine. If you guys have any ideas lemme know , even if it is a better topic
  6. Hi guys , I need help with my chem ia topic. I was thinking of doing the denaturation of egg protein by temperature but i'm not really sure. If you have suggestions please let me know, (I'm so lost) Thanks for your help
  7. Hi guys, I'm doing my bio ia on the affect of temperature on the activity rate of an enzyme. But, I'm not sure what else do to for the data analysis other than error bars and a temperature graph
  8. Cas project ideas? All of my cas project ideas have gotten rejected and would love your help!
  9. Does anyone know where you can get pectinase in a store in canada? Much appreciated
  10. Hi guys, I'm planning on doing an osmosis ia with potatoes. In class we did an osmosis lab with potatoes but with different salt solution concentrations. Our teacher said that if we were planning on doing an osmosis lab we should change our variables but i don't know what variables to change. I'm really confused and would appreciate the help
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