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  1. Yes, not doing IB is absolutely fine. The vast majority of Canadians don't do IB. Make sure to try to take the classes that universities stipulate students should take for whatever program you want to enter. If you don't do IB, it will just be listed as Grade 12 Biology (or any other subject).
  2. If you want to do them, then sure, they're a good choice.
  3. I just want to offer my two cents regarding Spanish B HL. You're asking a global forum, and Spanish isn't going to seem as useful no as accessible to an Australian or an Indian as it is to someone in Brasil. Chemistry is not going to do much for from a computer science perspective (which is fine, Spanish won't help directly either). I'm not saying you should take it, but I don't think you should just discard if you are interested in it. You never know where there might be a job offer or an opportunity. History SL or another science are good options, but I'd just recommend to do what you want. With computer science, the general recommendation is comp. sci. + math. You're doing math, and you're school doesn't offer comp. sci., so you're fine.
  4. I don't think universities will be any more or less likely to take you granted that you take all the subjects they ask for for whatever program you're trying to enter. Law programs generally like history.
  5. That's fine if you focus on that short time period and perhaps pick a country, and if you develop a good question. You probably already know this, but History EE's are not retellings/summaries/synopses of history, so you need to have a research question/thesis. Do not mention anything that is not related to answering your question/proving your thesis.
  6. Do you need to change that data dynamically from a server? Again, if you are just storing data, a server is not necessary. Edit: A database does make a lot more sense for a web application. But I think the option to just use cookies is also viable and something to consider if you get stuck with databases like I did. You lose the ability for a legitimate username and password login, but other than that you can do everything with cookies. The reason that cookies wouldn't be so viable in real life is that they can of course be manipulated by the user, so sensitive data is stored with databases, but cookies are a reasonable option for you if you only want each user to be able to view their own profile.
  7. I submitted my essay in the 2017 session; my teacher instructed us to type the knowledge question at the top of the paper verbatim. We did not count the question against the word limit. Then leave some space, and then start your essay. (If you're wondering about my amazing memory, don't; I just looked at my final copy of the essay because I didn't remember)
  8. Language A and Language B EE's traditionally score well.
  9. What's European partitioning? I might be ignorant; if there was an event with this name I apologize. You need to focus on a specific time period, concept, event, etc. You can't just talk about borders in general as a concept for a History EE.
  10. Most north american universities don't care about your EE subject. I don't think they even know it until after your results come out and you'll have already received at least a conditional offer of admission.
  11. I just wanted to point out that you shouldn't use a database if you just need to store the information locally on that computer. It sounds like you want to save it to memory, not a database. I make the distinction because using a database is a lot of pointless time and effort that you don't need. I nearly used a database in my IA before I realized I didn't need it. I spent some time doing pointless research for it. The topic is certainly acceptable. Good luck; the project sounds fun. Edit: I see that you're making a web-based application, but I'd still try to avoid a database. I'd imagine you could save the data with cookies.
  12. Don't hedge your bets on IB moderation. With internalsl, it's always best to try to satisfy your teacher.
  13. I think an option to consider here is to study outside of class and take the AP Calc AB exam (check if universities accept that from U.S. candidates, if they do, then you should be able to convince them with it). If not, I'd suggest contacting the universities and asking if there's anything you can do.
  14. First, being kind to yourself is really important. It sounds cheesy, but if you able to leave the leave the pass behind you will be much more likely to adopt better study habits in the future. I know the IB seems really important to you right now and so does getting into your first choice university, but in the grand scheme of things, they aren't that important. Don't beat yourself up. When eliminating distractions, we all have different methods. Be honest with yourself. Do work first, then relax later. Don't try for unattainable goals. Set aside a reasonable amount of time. Study, do work, etc. and then give yourself a rest or break, then continue studying. I find that being really rigid with distractions (I don't even look at texts. If you don't glance at it, you won't have the temptation to respond, text more, go on social media, etc. You can even set it to do not disturb.) Also, sleep is extremely important. Pick a time when you are going to go to bed, rather than sitting over and not doing it late into the night. Good luck and don't worry too much. Motivation is good, stress and preoccupation aren't.
  15. From the IB 2018 EE Guide: So all work(s) you analyze must have originally been written in the target language. The author's nationality does not matter, nor does setting, etc. If you are doing a Language B EE in French, all works you analyze must have been written in French and not translated. I'd recommend checking the guide before asking generic questions. I and many others are happy to answer questions; it's just that some questions unfortunately don't get a reply because there are a lot and we're busy whereas your pretty much guaranteed an answer if you check the guide and you'll get it faster. Thanks and good luck.

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