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  1. Nomenclature

    Is it possible to do better?

    Just wanted to say that a 28/29 is nothing to scoff at.
  2. Nomenclature

    Extended Essay

    Hi, You should try use a thesis just like you would write for any essay in your lit. class. If that's still not clear, you should talk to your teacher and/or check out some the pinned threads in the literature forum on this site. Best of luck.
  3. Nomenclature

    Extended Essay

    There should be a ton of sources for this topic. Finding sources just comes down to knowing where to look/how to look. I'd recommend websites with scholarly resources, if your school give you online library access you might have access to paid databases rather than just free ones. But overall, I remember at least one teacher at my school didn't seem to think that not having a large amount of lit criticism was fine.
  4. Nomenclature

    Extended Essay

    Hey. A Picture of Dorian Grey is a very funny, really good book. From reading your post, I get the impression that you're kind of stressed. That's completely normal and okay. I was an emotional wreck when I was writing mine. My first piece of advice is just to think about perspective. You'll do fine on the EE. You'll do your best and that will be that. Agonizing over it is inevitable to an extent, but just try to limit that and just be confident in your choices. I also liked the Illiad too. So I think your choices are good. My suggestion for the book that you compare to is that that book be one that you like. And decide what angle your going to play; your topic/thesis; before you get into a lot of heavy analysis work. That's not to say it won't change or evolve; it certainly can and that's great if you decide to do that later on, but just starting with something will help you to get off the ground and running. Cheers.
  5. Nomenclature

    History or English EE?

    Yup. Source: https://www.ibo.org/contentassets/bc850970f4e54b87828f83c7976a4db6/dp-statistical-bulletin-may-2018-en.pdf
  6. Nomenclature

    History or English EE?

    1. History essay you write about something in history and importantly argue for your interpretation. Lit. essay you write about a novel and argue that x lit. feature hay y effect. 2. History has a lower mean and median score. Statistics back that up. You can take a look at the IB bulletin if your curious. I also personally think that the history essay is harder to write but that's a personal opinion. 3. Getting a personal interview is pretty hard for both, start early on that and be persistent.
  7. Nomenclature

    Is IB really worth it?

    20 years from now, whether you get a 1 or 7 on the IOP, if I ask you how you did on your IOP you won't even know what I'm talking about. You won't remember how you did. You won't care. As a current student, your perspective is a bit skewed. You want to do well, so you place importance on these things. That's really good. But the trick is to also have some perspective and realize that a lot it doesn't really matter so you shouldn't stress so much over it. Do your best, and be content with that. Dropping out of IB is absolutely fine too. If you think that that will help and that you're currently overloaded with responsibilities then that's the way to go.
  8. Nomenclature

    What if I'm failing badly?

    No one expects anyone to get straight sevens. IB is a program where you learn that you will not be the best at everything and that's okay. Just do your best.
  9. Nomenclature

    HI topic??

    Hi, welcome to IB Survival. In general I'm kind of hesitant to tell students do x topic. Part of the process is choosing a topic, and that's your work. I am happy to offer opinions on topics if I have something that I think is valuable. I think you're current question is very interesting and original. Also, with the History IA, talk to your teacher. They will be the one grading it (barring moderation), so it makes sense to use the their help and feedback.
  10. Nomenclature

    English Lit Extended Essay

    In that case your current topic would not be viable as IB only really allows analysis of the work without much anthropological (cultural) consideration. You cannot analyze readers reactions. You also should not consider changing societal views beyond the minimum amount that they need to be addressed. You can analyze why he is a sympathetic character (using lit. devices), just without the extra stuff. With IB for better ow worse you consider the work in a vacuum.
  11. Nomenclature

    English Lit Extended Essay

    Is this a language and lit. essay or just a lit essay?
  12. Nomenclature


    Short answer: no. You won't be failed or disqualified for anything like this if you cited it.
  13. Nomenclature

    English EE on "The Fault in Our Stars"

    The only thing in your way is that IB asks that books have sufficient literary value. Obviously that's subjective. I've never had the book, there's a chance that whoever marks your examine doesn't think it has literary value. I don't think they'll fail you for that, but it's a risk, and it's almost certainly not doing you any favours.
  14. Nomenclature

    Extended essay citations (URGENT)

    If it's like most EE subjects neither is "the right one", IB just asks that you be consistent in whatever style you choose to use. So don't worry. 🙂
  15. Nomenclature

    TOK HELP presentation

    Welcome to IB Survival.

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