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  1. Internal Assessments? More like Infernal Assessments.
  2. Using words like family, health, technology, etc.; look up images to practice and talk about them. If you can get a friend from your class to ask you questions after you speak for four minuets, even better. If during the oral you are trying to say something or express a certain concept but you're having difficulty, move on. It's okay and much better than wasting a minute to try to express something and still mangling the grammar in the end. If the teacher asks something and you don't understand, don't panic. You can either ask him/her to repeat it, or you can simply try to answer the general idea. Either way, as long as you don't panic you will be fine. Lastly, plan some "contrived" ways with which you can use different tenses and showcase your knowledge. You will be awarded points for using more difficult sentence structures, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be comfortable with planning to use general structures that can be applied to any topic. For example, "In the future..." and use the future tense, certain ways to use the subjunctive, etc. Obviously, you shouldn't and can't plan your whole speech, but being prepared to use a wide range of grammar and tenses is good.
  3. Don't worry about it. Even if this happens, IB will do their due dilligence and you will not be in trouble as long as the paper that matches it in the database is your work. Turnitin even has a feature where the paper it matches can be checked (if permission is given) and IB will see that it was your work. You might even want to mention it to your coordinator now just so that he/she knows what happened and is able to argue for you if anything happens.
  4. No, you cannot. First—as you probably know, both are group 1 subjects (studies in language and literature), and not group 2 subjects (language acquisition). You may take a second group 1 subject instead of a group 2 subject, but this second group 1 subject must be a different language than your group 1 language. That's why you can't do this, as both are English courses. If you were to do English Lit and Spanish Lang and Lit, that would be okay. IB allows this because some kids have been speaking a second language in school for a long time and Lang. B HL would limit them. The expectation is that you are acquiring a language in IB.
  5. Fascinating topic. There's a lot of potential here. You're going to have to decide your knowledge question, but it's general idea is does lived experience having inherent value that can't be captured. Concussions sound interesting; there's also been a lot of recent debate on this issue concerning poverty, race, etc.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, you cannot do this as an English Lit. essay. It would be a Film Extended Essay which has its own distinct rubric. I also suppose that basic familiarity with film terminology and techniques would be expected of someone doing a film essay. This is a 2012 rubric for the Film EE category, and I think it has slightly been changed, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect. Rubric-Film.pdf
  7. The most prestigious thing that one can do in life is not attending Harvard; it's receiving admission and rejecting Harvard. I don't mean to be rude, as this list must have taken a long time to compile, but why the focus on rankings and prestige? Do you think that a higher ranking actually denotes a significantly better educational environment? You did an impressive amount of work, no doubt.
  8. Doing Art as an SL course that you don't think will apply to your career in later life, but because you want to take it because you enjoy art is absolutely fine. IB isn't a convent, you know, you can have some fun. At my school, Math Studies SL and Math SL are very similar in course content. I don't know anything about the IB syllabus differences, but in contrast to beth-, I would advise extreme caution in choosing Math Studies and would recommend Math SL except in extreme cases. It might be unfair, but most universities (those that consider IB scores) will raise an eyebrow and question a student choosing Math Studies, and it can be prohibitive if you want to do anything related to math. You won't go wrong with English Lit HL and it's usually expected here in the U.S. I'd recommend that you do more research about Psych. You should really be passionate about your HL's, as that will make for a good two years. If you decide that it's a good fit, fantastic; if not, then you can choose something else you'll enjoy.
  9. The U.S. hasn't ever really had spectacular success with leftist candidates. Forget tyranny, this country was established by people who didn't want to pay taxes (and some other reasons that had little to do with "tyranny"), and that rhetoric largely has held fast throughout the U.S.'s history. That's more a reflection on the U.S. than anybody else, even if I agree with your greater point. I agree that the Democrats are firmly leftist-centrists, which wouldn't be as great of a problem if the U.S. weren't a two-party country and the Republicans weren't crazy.
  10. To protect the interests of slaveowners and delay our inevitable Civil War? -saw this response on another message board
  11. Clowns like Bannon are now running the U.S. This is horrible. Just what some dolts who feel "threatened" by immigration wanted. Can't read statistics though.
  12. I would recommend reading the IB computer science IA rubric. You must have a client and solve a "real-world" problem or create a useful tool. Here is a page that outlines the rubric and will tell you about each category if you click the links. Further, this is IB's overview official comp. sci IA page and should help fill you in on what your teacher doesn't know. Be sure to check out frequently asked questions. Ultimately, if you submit something that clearly demonstrates through code your mastery of the IBCS curriculum, you should only be marked down a bit for not having a real-life solution. I initially wanted to make a game but my teacher advised me against it and I'm glad he did. Another thing to consider of course is that although IB does not mind and even encourages using and implementing on other systems such as game engines, you will not receive much extra credit for fancy graphical displays or intricate knowledge of these systems.
  13. I like your profile picture.
  14. I honestly think that it is far better to listen to difficult audio sources that are meant for native speakers than to listen to audio sources that are slowed down and use an unnaturally low register. Assuming you've only had two years of instruction, this might be difficult, but—trust me—it will pay dividends come exam time and also greatly expand your ability to actually use the language in real-life (supposedly what IB is about ). In light of this, I would recommend Radio Ambulante, a podcast that is free and available on iTunes. It will be really good for you for a few reasons. First and foremost, the stories that they tell are really interesting and fun to listen to. Whether it be a tense border crossing between Mexico and the U.S., the struggles of a native speaker who doesn't identify as a gender but nevertheless has to affix a gendered ending to adjectives, or a story of men who built airplanes in 1950's Argentina; all the stories are riveting. They cover non-fiction stories from all over Latin America. This means that by listening to different episodes you will be exposed to many different accents and regionalisms. Also, they offer their episodes subtitled in Spanish which is the best way for you to listen if you can't understand it without subtitles. I played this episode for a class a week ago and they really enjoyed it. This is the link to the Youtube video with Spanish subtitles. If you like it there are more videos on Regards
  15. Worst experience? Probably dealing with some unfortunate personal circumstances and grieving while reading Voyage in The Dark and La Literatura Nazi en América; two books that are incredibly depressing (Loved Voyage, Nazi Literature I was more ambivalent towards and my reading experience was horrible). I remember staying up until 4:15 A.M. to finish my History IA. Hitting a wall on the EE where I genuinely didn't feel like I could complete it was't fun, but it was much better than the above. I had realized that IB isn't the end all, be all of life and I also was fortunate to have had some great support from a friend.