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  1. 1) China 2) Paris 3) Dubai ... I have so many more can I keep going?? 4) Hawaii 5) Australia 6) Japan 7) Scotland 8) India 9) Nepal 10) Italy uhgg there's just too many places I want to go and I'm stuck here with no money and with ib work... Maybe one day
  2. Hi, I'm taking French B SL right now and I was wondering if there are any native speakers out there who are taking English as a second language? That way we could skype and help each other improve our speaking skills! I've seen a few ib graduates who joined language exchange websites online when they were in ib but tbh those seem really sketchy to me. This way I know that it's a fellow ib student who has the same goals that I do, instead of some random 30 year old. Also if your not a native French speaker you could leave your native language below and the language you're studying, and if someone else matches oppositely with you then you guys could arrange something if you're interested!
  3. Thank you so much!! This is super helpful and now I totally have a better idea of what I'm doing How many trials in total did you do and did you have a control group?
  4. Lol we had our final deadline in December I think as well but no one handed it in so the teachers keep pushing it back...
  5. I take HL, but I'm pretty sure the criteria for the IAs are all the same- the only thing that's different is the weighting for SL and HL
  6. I'm currently writing my biology IA and I have no idea why but the thing that's worrying me the most is that my topic is too simple. It's on the activity of lactase on lactose affected by temperature, and I'm scared that enzymes are over done or it's too simple and the analysis is too obvious. It also doesn't help that all of the biology IAs IB provides on their website are all really complicated- like I don't understand how people came up with those ideas on their own! If your an ib graduate and you wrote a biology IA, can you PLEASE tell me what your research question was and what grade you got for your IA if you know? I just really want to make sure I won't fail my IA because the topic is too simple. Also if you wrote a chemistry, physics, etc. IA, you should leave the research question here as well for others! Thank you so much in advance!
  7. Perhaps you could research around a bit more, if it's a meat tenderizer maybe it would be helpful to chefs to know what temperature they should cook their meat at with the enzyme?? I'm not sure... but if you read around a bit more on the internet I'm sure you can find something! Good luck!
  8. Same all I want to do is study but all these tasks are slowing me down... ib struggles af
  9. This gives me anxiety but... 5 IAs, a TOK essay, and done my EE rough draft I'm so nervous 😬😬😬
  10. Which crusade are you talking about?
  11. Wait but the event itself occurred over 200 years ago... I'm pretty sure (actually I'm 99% sure) you can do this idea!! In fact it sounds amazing I'm so sad I didn't think of it myself first! If you're still working on your IA and are unsure about this, go ask your supervisor. My teacher told us last year that a student did a comparison between a historical movie (I think it was the oscar winning Ghandi movie or something) and the actual event so it's definitely been done before!! Good luck!
  12. Okay so I'm currently working on my writing assignment for the works in translation portion of English A: Literature, and I've realized that my ideas have become TOTALLY different from what I wrote about in my supervised writing!!! This really worries me, will the ib think that I've gotten ideas from other sources or plagiarized if my ideas in my essay don't match my supervised writing? How picky are they on that? Has anyone written an essay that was completely different from their supervised writing before? My prompt is still the same and all the new ideas are definitely mine- but should I purposely try to incorporate some of my points from my supervised writing into my essay? Thanks in advance!
  13. I find the teacher support materials for my subjects really useful cause they always have examples of all of the assignments, but I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND THE ONE FOR FRENCH B. It's probably because it's all in french and I can't just search up "ib french b teacher support material", but I found out that ib uses the term " matériel de soutien pédagogique" for TSM and I STILL can't find the one for French B. Does anyone have the link for it or speaks french and can find the link for me?? It would be greatly appreciated!!!
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