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  1. Avik

    This or That!

    Call of Duty friends or food
  2. Avik

    "I missed...."

    I miss my great and easy life
  3. Avik

    Reply to the post Above.

    XD, will I be the only person posting here in 2016!?!
  4. Avik

    Add a sentence, make a story :)

    And so started Lauren's new life...
  5. Avik

    Funny Class Moments?

    I had to do a science experiment when I forgot I was experiencing with alcohol in a measuring cylinder. I was getting bored as a reaction was taking place so I started playing with a match. I brought the match too close to the cylinder and the alcohol went on fire. There was a large flame on top of the cylinder. I panicked and one student tried to call a teacher. However, before the teacher turned (since I was panicking), I blew on the fire and the fire ended.Therefore, there teacher didn't see anything and I got away with it. All of this happened unimaginably fast!
  6. Avik

    Guess something about the next poster

    XD, I don't know how to knit. I will be happy to try though. The next poster will be an IB rebel
  7. Avik

    Point Out the Obvious.

    You have edited your post and commented on it 4 times
  8. Avik

    Rhyming Game

    What do we have to say
  9. Avik

    Does God exist?

    It is mythical that God exists. That means no one can be sure that God exists since there is not enough evidence. However, the belief of God varies from person to person. According to what I think, it was the thinkers who created the idea of God. To give people a reason behind how this world was mad, the theory of God was made. There might be some strong oppositions to this theory, but after thinking about it scientifically, this is a possible conclusion. Everyone has their own opinion and to me, it's all right if you believe in God. The belief in God gives man the power to do something considering that nothing wrong shall happen to hi because God is present. This is how the world works. Therefor, people have their own theories which they have the right to hold on to. Overall, this is a topic which cannot and should not be debated upon as being global citizens, we must respect others opinions' and beliefs.
  10. Avik

    continue to study chemistry?

    BTW, people in my previous school quit sciences because of stoichiometry...
  11. Avik

    continue to study chemistry?

    Stoichiometry is not an easy topic. To do something like that, it requires a lot of practice. I suggest that you practice from Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry practice books sing IGCSE Questions are really challenging. I would also suggest that you solve IGCSE Chemistry past papers. That's how you can ace one of the difficult parts of chemistry. Good Luck!
  12. I had to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) as a product of my task. After creating it, I have a new task which is to write a rationale upon the PSA that I created. I need help in understanding how to write an effective rationale and what should be included in it to score maximum marks.

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